27 December 2011

recently / christmas 2011

here are a few of my favorite things.

+ the nativity scenes and christmas lights all aglow on temple square. it's my favorite way of getting into the true spirit of christmas. i love walking around the visitor's center (even with the crowds!) and viewing all the wonderful messages about Christ. the simple bible videos are something we watch every sunday morning before church.

+ we bundled up and even caught a choir performing downtown. (i have no qualms about wearing big furry russian hats in public, i deem it one of the best things dan brought into our marriage!) benji loved the giant nutcrackers and the horse carriages carrying families in the brisk night air. it was a thrill to feel christmas is coming.

+ on christmas eve, we ventured into the snowy mountains for a winter walk (not enough powder to snowshoe!). but it was sunny and the snowy hills sparkled like diamonds; which makes all the effort worthwhile. my family gathered at my sister's for turkey and all the fixin's. everything was delicious. it was a classic family night with games and the nativity story, singing carols, little cousins, presents and togetherness. the best gift of all; opa was kind enough to patch up benji's bear! just in time for christmas. we all went to bed with sugarplums a-dancing.

+ christmas day was spent at home; cozy in slippers and cuddled in quilts. it was magic. santa pleased everyone. i attempted my mom's thinnies (swedish crepes) and rolled them up with sugar and butter for breakfast. wassail washed them down. it took me back to being seven. i was so glad they turned out. we played with trains and cars until church began and then came home to play some more. leaving the mess all the while. dan cooked up a mighty fine stew for christmas supper.

hope yours was so merry and bright.
wishing you a happy new year.
xo. m, d & b

p.s. dan gave me a night to the movies! we saw the new Sherlock Holmes and loved it.


the dibers said...

dan looks adorable in the last picture with his apron on! your christmas looks magical....wishing you and your family a very happy new year!

whit said...

super cute pictures! so happy that you guys had such a great christmas!

*Dream Weaver* said...

Loved the nativity scene and christmas lights photos. how very magical :)

Happy blessed {and belated} Christmas and happy {early} new year to you and your family from the sunny and hot country of Malaysia.

p.s: still dreaming of my "one day" white Christmas :)

Jen Holtkamp said...

so picture perfect! i lived in utah going to school and only saw the lights at temple square twice! thanks for sharing!

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