17 January 2012

good girl talk / topics

spent martin luther king, jr. day with my sisters and all the kiddos and my mom. siblings are so awesome. sure, we get into deep conversations sometimes with controversial topics (usually around a roaring campfire). but when the girls get together, we can just skim the fat and dive right into the good chit chat (silly mindless topics husbands won't put up with for too long). we don't always agree–for example, half of us believe in paying good money for a haircut, the other half believes in going to any breathing body at fantastic sam's for a quick trim. however, those who shall remain nameless were well endowed with perfect hair from the beginning. they can't possibly understand–we always talk up a storm and learn a little too. (i have a list of books to read and mothering habits i should acquire.) and there is always a little poking fun at each other, for good measure.

girl talk.

funny memories.
sad stories.
our kids.
our childhood.
our hair. 
recent recipes.
best household gadgets.
best healthy snacks.
best brands of chocolate.
facebook updates.
books to read.
songs to hear.
new musicians.
new youtubes.
tv shows.
bizarre dreams.
royal mishaps.
happy accidents.
embarrassing moments.
high school flames.
good movies.
lame movies.
so-so movies.
actors we can't remember the names of.
vanity sizing.
politics (for two minutes, max.)
and again back to the hair.
fine hair vs. curly hair.
blonde vs. brunette.
growth patterns.
the swoop bangs.
people we admire.
party ideas.
styles we want to attempt.
birth stories.
raising boys.
raising girls.
stories so funny they make me cry.
stories so sweet they make me cry.
and then before we can catch our breath,
it's time to say goodbye.

what are your favorite topics of discussion with your besties?


Melissa said...

My sisters and I are the same way... we love to just BE together. Someday when we have our own families, I hope we can continue to have days like this... in person, over the phone, or if we must, over email.

Amanda said...

I was reading through this list and nodding my head along with the words. My sisters, mom, and I talk about also the exact same things! There is just something so special about having the women in your life just get you and know exactly what you want to talk about with them.

sisters are awesome -- i with everyone had one.

Cecilia said...

This totally made me giggle.

I would have to add eyebrows to this list. Somehow my girlfriends/sisters/mom and I spend quite a bit of time talking about our eyebrows. And our nails. And SHOES.

Cami said...

Love this post.
I get away with my mom in February for a weekend (I don't have any sisters) and I love how we can talk about everything and nothing.

kori said...

Sounds like a pretty perfect day to me! I have one awesome sister and we can talk and laugh forever and ever - I can't imagine having a few more! Lately we've been intrigued by telling each other our versions of the same childhood moments. Oh, and we talk about makeup. :)

Mrs Abbott said...

I love how we talk about all the same things- hairstyles (mine always ask me if I have gotten it cut recently and I always say yes since I am wearing it short these days!), youtube (I LOVE kid history), facebook (which my twin does not do and everyone insists she should), movies, kids, miscarriages (I had a 2nd one in November dang it) and life!

the dibers said...

:)marta you always make me smile!

Travelin'Oma said...

There's nobody I'd rather hang out with than the sistas!(The brothers don't invite me.)

bedelia said...

I'd say parenting and cooking are the two topics I talk to most frequently with my sisters. I don't know how I'd survive without sisters.

And speaking of hair, do you know a good hairstylist in Utah county? I need a good stylist.

Amanda said...

Oh Marta, you now have me wishing I had a sister. Or two :) Good thing I'm blessed with great friends to chat with about almost everything you listed here!

In fact, I have a Skype date scheduled tonight with a bestie that has moved back to Vermont. (I live in New Brunswick, Canada.)

Tara Vorhes said...

Reading this made me miss hanging out time with my sisters and mom - who all live way to far away in different states. Sounds like you had a perfect weekend.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

Just why I love my sister so much!

Absolutely fabulous post, Marta... and that photo is fantastic, too!

Courtney said...

I am a young person who does not know how to talk to other girls. I am trying to figure out what teenage girls would talk about :(

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