16 January 2012

one very big boy and his big boy room

you and me spend wild amounts of time together. i love our sun filled afternoons and the mornings full of chores together; you zooming around me with toy in hand. (usually you'll stop to carefully place the soap packet into the nook of the dishwasher and close it with a bang.) i wonder about the future years which will undoubtedly be full of busy schedules, packed full of activities. i will likely look back on these simple days and long for them in part of my heart. i remind myself how glorious these short years are; wherein i have your full attention and that you want mine. we go on spontaneous outings to the library, to my favorite soup and sandwich shop, to the train table at barnes & noble, to the toy section at tj maxx. just to look. sometimes we'll go get a jamba juice to share before naps. and somedays we stay in our jammies all day; shuffling around the house discussing alphabet sounds or imagining what lightning mcqueen might be up to.

you are my little pal; so helpful and willing and curious. you love listening to stories and singing songs. and watching out for road signs when we drive. you want to know what they all say. you also like me to interpret what was said over the PA system at the grocery store. you remind me how lively life is. it's more colorful than just a grocery list and a bunch of bananas in my cart. as if a parade / a circus is happening all around us; no matter where we are. the other day you spied a car parked inside the mall. it was shiny and red and likely a prize from a contest. i never would've thought twice about it; but you loved it and spent a few minutes dazzled by the thought of a real car parked inside a building! you astound us with your language. the other day you said, yeah, okay mom, that makes sense. and you're using words like unfortunately.. and actually... in correct context. and the other night you reported, mom i'm not playing with my food. i'm doing science. and sometimes you call us by our names rather than mom and dad which cracks us up. your limbs are lengthening and your torso is tight; every minute it seems like another pair of pants are too short. you are growing as fast as a speedy race car.

// a few things i want to remember.
you prefer your waffles plain. no butter, syrup, or jam.
you do love sweets though and love that mom keeps a few in her purse.
you love using your flashlight every chance you get.
you recognize sweeper trucks, garbage trucks, excavators and more.
you still love curious george and have added berenstain bears to the storybook routine.
you love splashing in the tub and playing sink or float.
(a dollop of shaving cream adds another half hour of fun.)
suddenly you have started grimacing dramatically at foods that look gross.
(usually the attempted healthy meals i've slaved over.)
you like reporting which numbers the little hand and big hand are pointing to.
you have learned how to negotiate. very well. (just like your dad.)
you'd be happy to watch cars 2 every single day.
you know all the characters' names by heart.
your energy is unstoppable and you love piggy back rides
and hearing about when you were a baby.
we play make believe a lot, you like to pretend you're huckle.
you memorize words and phrases and songs quickly
and you'll repeat them back to me at random times,
(and shock me with such a good memory).
we read little bear stories over our lunch plates sometimes.
i like that they're about a little bear and his mother bear.
you line your cars up precisely (and then crash them with pleasure).
i love when something reminds you of something else and you recall a happy occasion;
hey, remember my birthday party? remember taking the train to oma's house?
you love blueberries, yogurt raisins, fruit snacks (!) and string cheese.
whenever you and dad go out, you'll come home with chocolate milk.
your favorite bear recently got stitched up, thanks to opa.
you've taken a liking to markers and crayons. which makes mom super happy.
rough housing is your favorite thing to look forward to. which makes dad glad.
dinosaurs and action heroes have entered your interest.
but vehicles still trump any other toy.
(other moms seem to lament their boys' thomas days. maybe i will too.
admittedly, thomas the engine is cuter than nerf guns. )
you love going to primary at church and being three is still a pretty big deal.
drinking anything through a straw is like a little luxury.
and taylor swift is on our favorites playlist.
recently you told me daddy was your best friend.
i tuck you in and give you sloppy kisses.
(and eskimo kisses. and butterfly kisses.)
your voice makes me happy.
your little steps give me purpose.
your morning climb-into-our-bed makes me warm inside and out.

// the bedroom details 
the bike print came (framed!) from thumbtack press.
he also has another unique print of his monogram from etsy.
his quilt came from amazon, a duvet from ikea and train sheets from tj maxx.
the walls are painted benjamin moore, boothbay gray.
his (favorite) choo choo shirt from old navy.
the transportation mobile was a fantastic find at a local toy store.
(i love laying on his bed reading stories and chatting about it!)
ikea expedit shelving holds his toys, pictured here.
the red chair (a sweet baby gift from my sis!) has been around forever.


Summer said...

I find it so amazing that being a boy is universal. I have a son almost 3 and you could be describing him EXACTLY! Your son is adorable!

debby said...

his opa repairing his bear reminds me of the old book, "good as new," by barbara douglass. i own it and loved it as a kid. it's the story of a grandfather who helps a little boy repair his teddy bear.

Travelin'Oma said...

Your posts about Benji shine. I love your poetic tribute to being a mom.

Claire said...

Truly, so sweet. I love the "few things I want to remember" part. I'm looking forward to learning similar things about my own little girl.

I smiled all the way through this post.

Anonymous said...

I am mom to three, now teenage, boys. I adore being their mom and wife to their wonderful dad. These posts are truly special. You are amazing. They are my favorite kind. You make me smile. Have a beautiful day!

Martha said...

Marta, this is your former activity days partner in Idaho. Those were fun times! :) I hope you are loving life in Utah. I just had to submit a comment...this is such a touching post and reminds me of the thoughts & feelings I had when my own little one was actually that little! You captured it so nicely.

Unknown said...

Your post has inspired me to record a few things I love about my nearly 3-year-old boy. Thank you! I love it.

Amanda said...

I can feel your love as I read your words, Marta. Such a beautiful post.

P.S. I read the story about Benji's bear on your mom's blog the other day. So cute!

Anonymous said...

Your thoughts bring back the memories of those sweet days of my now 13 year old. Miss those days, but still so many things to love & record when they are 13. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these little moments, and inspiring me to write down ones with my little men so that i don't forget. You are awesome.

Debbie P said...

Came to your blog from Ali Edwards' post regarding your amazing short stories (journaling). Very well done and very inspiring. Thanks for sharing. :)

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