23 January 2012

on the drawing board / simple type logos

i've been commissioned by two photographers (both based in north carolina, friends too!) who needed a little facelift for their logos. everyone who needs a new logo wants a brand that strikes a chord for their growing business (these photographers are fantastic; one specializes in senior shots, the other, weddings). simple, classic and a nudge of personality. i love designing logos. especially the ones with just a whirring of typography as the main ingredient. you can always add in frills or graphics later. but i believe the strength lies in the base of the brand name. awaiting a client's decision for their perfect logo choice is terribly exciting and the process of collaborating with each other to create something to suit their needs is super fun too. i hope they won't mind me giving you a peek of their prototypes!

happy monday everyone. hope it's productive. we have a banana split party planned tonight with friends for family home evening. talk about a good excuse to bust out the magic shell (dan's ice cream topping of choice).


missy said...

These are so classy! I love their simplicity. I especially like the two on top and the very bottom one with the cute yellow dots.

Louisejoyb said...

The top right is my fave! I agree with my above comment, I love the simplicity.

Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

About Me said...

those are great! i love them...and i'm sure they will too. what a fun job you have. also, banana splits for fhe sounds like a splendid idea! we'll have to try it sometime :)

Ashley said...

Love these so much!

holtkamp said...

great logos, i like the dots one as well.

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