31 January 2012

valentiney vibe / it's almost love month

secret garden by nick scott

valentining from the archives.
soon i'll give you an updated peek at our preps for february.
tomorrow is dan's birthday, so we've already baked a cake. 

+ watercolors & gummy hearts
+ benji's first valentine project
+ favorite quotes about love
+ little ways to say i love you and more guy valentine ideas here
+ remember this from 2008?
+ sugar cookie love


Moments and Impressions said...

The Benji announcement got me all teary... love.

Jessie said...

thanks for all the posts from the past few years!! i went through each and every one and loved them all. you never cease to amaze!

Linn said...

That's an amazing outfit. I completely fell in love with that skirt! Anyway, Happy Valentines Day Marta. Thanks for all your wonderful posts, it's always great to see what you're up to!

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