01 February 2012

one for dan

sledding in sun valley / his favorite place 

happy, happy birthday to my favorite valentine.
i love that february comes in with a kick.
thank you for asking me out at the bakery (after i offered you a free sandwich).
your ham and swiss on wheat was always my favorite of the day.
thank you for taking us on so many adventures.
nothing else like being on a train in a foreign country with your main squeeze.
thank you for speaking japanese on random occasions.
nothing else quite like sharing a bowl of ramen in japan either.
thank you for knowing how to do the perfect tuck in.
thank you for loving our little boy so completely.
thank you for knowing so many songs.
nothing else like singing our hearts out in a duet.
thank you for knowing me and still loving me.
nothing else like sweats, crazy hair and ratty slippers.
thank you for showing me how to have courage.
thank you for making goals and following through.
nothing else like looking back and seeing how far we've come.
thank you for watching silly shows with me.
thank you for being comfortable and predictable.
thank you for surprising me and being spontaneous.
thank you for continuing to challenge yourself.
thank you for never giving up.
thank you for being rad.
thank you for the art of the road trip.
nothing else like a mix cd, snacks, a good book and a stretch of road.
(thank you for stopping to read historical markers, just like my dad did.)
thank you for reading my writings.
nothing else like having my number one fan be you.
thank you for explaining the lawyerly stuff, even when i don't understand.
nothing else like talking about torts and may it please the court...
thank you for being brave. especially when it comes to karaoke.
thank you for supporting me when i have to work late.
thank you for working hard for our fam.
thank you for making us a top pri-o.
thank you for speaking my language.
thank you for showing me what love means.
thank you for making un-fun stuff totally fun.
thank you for taking me skiing, even though i suck at it.
nothing else like watching your girlfriend roll down a snowy slope.
thank you for doing all the little things; especially when i don't notice.
thank you for being an amazing cook.
(thank you for making pioneer woman's chicken fried steak on a whim last sunday.)
thank you for being such a darling to your grandma bernice.
thank you for making me laugh. all of the time.
thank you for being so happy-go-lucky.
thank you for leaving me funny messages.
thank you for calling my mom and making her laugh.
thank you for having passion in your hobbies.
thank you for making the shed so nice and tidy.
thank you for letting me craft my little heart out and praising my efforts.
thank you for the best first date of my life.
(thank you for letting me talk your ear off for the rest of our lives.)
thank you for always reaching out and making new friends.
thank you for being opinionated and open minded.
thank you for always making a morning mix; two types of cereal in one bowl.
thank you for always making an effort.
thank you for always being there.
thank you for knowing scripture stories and explaining them so clearly.
thank you for showing our boy what it means to be a good husband.
thank you for making our life more awesome.
am so happy we found each other.
am so happy you kept coming into that bakery.
thank you for giving the girl wearing the bandana a chance of a lifetime.

happy birthday babe.


Amanda said...

What a beautiful list, Marta. Happy birthday, Dan!

[eeny] said...

Happy birthday to Dan.

Marta, this post is wonderful. You and Dan seem like a match made in heaven - or the bakery it is =)

cecilia said...

happy birthday dan!

you two are so lucky/blessed to have each other.

Hil said...

Happy Birthday Dan! Hope you guys get to do something fun to celebrate.

Unknown said...

A very happy birthday to your husband Marte. Your list is so beautiful and a great tribute.

hoopty doopty said...

love the list. love that you celebrate love. love is a choice. may your love continue to bloom. happy birthday you your man.

Jen said...

love this. {might have to steal it come july...just saying}

happy birthday dan.

Travelin'Oma said...

Thanks for marrying my daughter even after you the fam.

christine said...

Happy Birthday Dan!

brooke said...

He is one in a million and you both are very very lucky!

whit said...

Happy Birthday Dan the man!! Jas and I sure love your boy and I'm so happy that he was a regular at gharv..oh those days were dreamy. Happy Day!

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