28 February 2012

favorite finds

+ breathless paper co. / such clever cards
+ minnetonka moccasins / a tj maxx find!
+ low rise maternity leggings / so comfy cozy
+ stretch skinny belt / obsessed and in love
+ einstein bagels / their pretzel bagel is my new fave
+ tissue ruffle tee / this soft tee screams spring
+ sour patch kids / the perfect pregnancy treat
+ bright blue jeans / the most cheerful pant ever
+ maternity stripey skirt / will wear it long after the babe is born


SewSara said...

wish i'd known about that maxi skirt sooner -- looks comfy! you're lucky that you get to be big and pregnant in flip flop months ... socks and shoes are my biggest battle right now (ok, not really - carrying my 30-pound 2yrold and waiting for this baby to be born is worse ;) )

{amy k.} said...

Love that skirt! Im not prego, but want it anyways! Cute and comfy is always the perfect combo!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Sour Patch Kids are the best, even if you aren't pregnant :)

{natalie} said...

i am wearing a very similar Loft shirt today and was just thinking about how I would like diff colors. thanks for the tip.

that skirt is cool.

i love pretzels and bagels so i think that is a win, win.

Stephanie said...

I'm dying that you said sour patch kids. I just tasted one yesterday for the first time and I was horrified! :) But, truth be told, I'm not into sour candies so I wasn't too surprised.

I do love Einstein bagels as well!

summer said...

perfection, mart! that skirt look so major. love it, love it.

cait - pretty and fun said...

I have those moccasins and they're the best ever! Super comfortable but I think they look cute with skinny jeans - a great weekend substitute to flats.

jessi bridges said...

Have you tried the watermelon sourpatch candies?? They are my favorite!!! Like I can sit and eat 3 bags if I let myself. Yum yum.
And I love the skirt :)

black tag diaries said...

yummm... love einstein bros bagels... i prefer the asiago bagel with the salmon spread... mmmmm.

Anonymous said...

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If you don't have it just search in your app store- use your handwriting- it's free:)
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