27 February 2012

paint party monday.

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can't blog now, a painting party is about to begin. i am about to cover everything in plastic and head to home depot. (and no worries, we are using baby safe latex paint.) we are saying goodbye to our purple bathroom at last (the lavender shade has actually started growing on me in a strange way). we're painting it a smooth classic cream which i hope will open it up and feel a lot lighter. i couldn't sleep, i'm so excited about it; the bathroom was the first room we wanted to paint but has ended up being the last. all that cutting in has me shaking in my shoes. but i think we can tackle it. we meaning, me and whit. she is my painting partner professional. hope you have a happy monday. and i hope we get further than just the frog tape stage. wish us luck.

p.s. we did another crazy thing this weekend; we went target shooting on a double date. it was a birthday gift to dan for me to tag along (first time in ten years!) and i've never seen him so elated. pretty fun to shock your man once in awhile.


cecilia said...

good luck with the painting!

i can't believe you went target shooting. my sister went with her husband last weekend. i don't know if i could!

Nessa Bixler said...

Target shooting! How fun. I bet seeing Dan surprised was the best. Happy painting!

Hil said...

Have fun with your painting party! What a fun surprise for Dan. Can't wait to see the new bathroom shade!

{amy k.} said...

sounds like so much fun!! hope you take before and after pics to share with all of us! i love that you have energy and a desire to paint!

Amanda said...

Marta, will you give us a tour when you're all finished with making your new home yours? I would love to see what you've done - you're so stylish!

Busana Muslim said...

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