26 March 2012

DIY painting a bathroom during naptime / before & afters

here comes the big reveal on our bathroom makeover. i'm excited.

my cousin whitney and i tackled my purple bathroom head on one afternoon. the key is having all the preparations (paint, supplies, rollers, ladder, tape, etc.) in place before starting. and having a rockstar partner in painting is essential (and a sleeping / distracted toddler is mandatory). so here's the story. dan and i had decided on the paint color long ago (we bought the can of paint back in september!) which is half the battle. we chose benjamin moore creamy white since we wanted something light and fresh. we decided on a butter, creamy hue that would coordinate nicely with the unique tile work already in place. we taped up a couple cream paintchips next to the tiles and found a shade that worked well. i figure, when there is already a color scheme in the works, why fight it?

whit and i worked hard all day rolling the creamy paint and cutting in around corners. our pregnant bellies and the limited space were just the beginning of our adventure. we couldn't be more happy with the result. i am learning to love a good do-it-yourself project, you feel a fantastic sense of accomplishment (even if it's not perfect). now i get to soak in the tub and ooh and ahh over our own handiwork. take a peek at our painting project (and inside my cupboards for even more makeover essentials)...

resource guide
+ paint color / benjamin moore creamy white
+ shower curtain / pottery barn clearance shelf
(hunting down the right shower curtain should become an olympic event.)
+ fluffy white bath mat (not pictured) / tj maxx
+ oversized blue & white platter / ikea
+ glass containers / found objects from my kitchen
+ small cupboard door hooks / command removable hooks
(looping my headbands and watch on hooks is so handy)
+ towel and toy crate / inherited vintage wooden wine box
+ over the door towel hooks (not pictured) / tj maxx
+ clear makeup organizer / ikea
(every make-up junkie needs a good system)
+ good morning print / dapper paper co. (framed at michael's)

side note / i love these work-out headbands; they never budge or give me headaches. they are created by a boston marathon alum, elizabeth, my sister-in-law. of course i wear them to keep my hair out of my face while making cookies and cleaning the house, which sometimes feels like a marathon.

p.s. if you're keeping track (not sure why you would be), but we amateurs have now painted four rooms in our new home: one (his big boy room), two (our room), three (the studio), and four (the bathroom)!!


Eeny said...

It looks great now.
Usually I am all for colorful walls but sometimes neutrals with pops of colors are so much prettier.

--r said...

it looks fantastic! i'm totally jealous. we have a 1940's yellow and black tiled bathroom which i have considered absolutely hideous since we moved in eight years ago. would love to have neutral tiles to work with!

Maria @ Orchard Bloom said...

I love the new colour! It looks really fabulous and has a really nice vintage vibe. great job!

Hil said...

I love the makeover Marta! You guys did an awesome job. I adore the shower curtain and am totally going to get rid of my makeup bag now! I love how organized and crisp it all looks. Now I just need to get up there to see it in person! :)

cecilia said...

um- love those headbands too!
and did you really paint this whole room during naptime? i'm dying to paint a wall in my house but i'm considering how much time it will take.

Amy @ Lovely Nest said...

It looks lovely!! The neutral looks so much better! I have to agree that shower curtain hunting should be an Olympic event! I'm currently in the process and haven't found anything that seems perfect. I think I might just have to make my own!

Helene @ Homebound said...

your new bathroom is stunning! lovely color you chose... and i love your little organizing bits. makes me want to go reorganize my bathroom ;-)

Amanda said...

Fantastic, Marta! You and Whitney deserve major high fives!

Ashley said...

LOVE how it turned out. Nicely done! Loving that shower curtain too.

whit said...

Mart..the bathroom is adorable! so happy to help out!!

brooke said...

It looks great and I love your floor in there!

Fruitful Fusion said...

I love the makeover and the little organisational tips too!

Hannah said...

Adore your new bathroom color! And your makeup looks swoon-worthy. (I have mine organized in three large dresser drawers using utensil trays. I need an makeup-buying intervention, I think.)

Hannah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
over the door towel rack said...

I love the new colour! It looks really fabulous and has a really nice vintage vibe. great job!

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