04 March 2012

goings on.

special keepsake box / more about organizing memorabilia here

+ am spring cleaning this place slowly but surely. am tucking special things into benji's box and making extra room in his closet for some sibling stuff. i can't believe i'll be folding (and soaking!) teeny newborn onesies come summertime.

+ i had a good excuse to make and share these chocolate chip cookies and they were amazing. melted butter!? who knew?! dan served homemade ice cream sammies out of the leftover cookies. he is so good to us.

+ we took a walk in the park and broke out the sidewalk chalk the other day. it feels so good to be out in the sunshine, even if we are still wearing parkas.

+ a harsh cold suddenly hit the house this morning; coughing and congestion. i can't help but think back to our experience in the hospital last spring and pray for a quick recovery this time around. oh, how my heart goes out to sick babies. am hoping he'll be bouncing around the doctor's office tomorrow. benji's favorite reads this week: inside, outside, upside down and donald duck's toy train. we can recite them by heart.

+ our ranunculus plant has three blossoms and another bud coming. it reminds me of our growing family. we are finding out the gender of the babe this week. i could not be more excited. i know so many mamas expecting baby girls this summer, so i keep thinking it may just be a girl (and may have purchased a girlie item or two!!). but i've heard siblings somehow know and benji is sure sure sure it's a baby brother. he never wavers his opinion, so i'm leaning on another boy since these pregnancies have been so similar. we're highly anticipating it (and ecstatic either way). i can't wait to start dreaming of him or her.

+ while dan made the major grocery shopping trip (thank you, babe!) my mom and i spent saturday together. a girl's day is always a treat. we shared slices of cheesecake, lots of conversation and bellied up to the makeup counter side by side. she and i snagged some bright lipsticks to further expand the collection. did you know when you return six empty MAC makeup containers, you score a free lipstick?! i even talked mom into seeing The Vow; she is the best friend a girl could have. (during the movie i kept thinking, if i ever lose my memory, it's a good thing we're all blogging our brains out to remember life as it once was.)

p.s. did you see this darling baby shower for angela hardison? it looks so incredibly charming and perfect. so happy for babies and growing bellies.


Moments and Impressions said...

I can't wait to hear if it is a baby sister or baby brother for Benji!

My daughter keeps saying baby sister for us... but we aren't finding out until birthday so I will live vicariously through you. Happy growing belly to you Marta.

Shannon {A Mom's Year } said...

You remind me of the fun we had when my older children were anticipating the births of their siblings. We wore out our copy of Waiting for Baby by Harriet Ziefert. Have you come across this picture book? It's very sweet and funny.

Christina said...

I can't wait for the gender reveal! I've heard that if children above a certain age (wish I could remember- I think 3?) they are always wrong, and below a certain age, they're always right. Two out of three of mine guessed girl this time and were right. Your list of goings on sound perfectly pleasant (minus the cold- hope Benji rebounds quickly!).

Dansie Family said...

i'm pretty sure that recipe came from america's test kitchen. it's the one i've been using for 10 plus years. i love the chewiness. more brown sugar and melted butter are key. i always double the vanilla as well. and of course i always make a triple batch and freeze dough balls for later.

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