06 March 2012

graphic design shop / dapper paper co.

i'm excited to rev up the home is where the art is series again in 2012.

pictured above is the print that is going to be the piece de resistance in our madeover bathroom. after seeing this baby in real life, the soft hues basically gave me the shove to finally paint those walls! i simply love this gorgeous good morning print. thanks to so many amazing sponsors, we've been able to frame and fill our nest with unique etsy artwork, which makes me super happy. (so much of it, coincidentally, happens to feature typography too.) the dapper paper co. is made up of another rad husband + wife team (based in raleigh, north carolina!) who create all kinds of custom branding geniusness; business logos, fancy invitations and prints. i've never seen anything else like their work; their designs are so fantastic. i hope to throw a big event in the future just for an excuse to see their handiwork in action.

this post is part of my home is where the ART is series. the artwork is theirs, but these opinions are all mine; learn more about my handpicked sponsored series here.

your custom invitations are so unique and personalized! how do you get to know your cross-country clients so well? In regards to our clients, believe it or not we do almost all of our communication through email. It seems to be the preferred choice for most people these days and it works well for us too. If we ever see the need to talk over the phone, we make it happen, and always let clients know we are available by phone if needed. We feel like when people are investing lots of time and money into hiring us, we want to give them the peace of mind that we aren't going anywhere. We always ask our clients to give us as much information as they can about themselves and what they envision for the artwork we are designing for them. If we don't get what we need to first time around, we open up more dialogue with them until we both have a clear idea of the creative direction we will go in for their project.

what is an essential must-have for your creative work space? For us, our work space has to be an environment that is conducive to creativity. We like a clean, functional space with the right workspaces, tools and decor to keep us motivated and efficient. We love the mix of vintage, industrial and modern pieces around us–and a space that feels lived and worked in, much like the rest of our home.

i hear you are musicians too! what's on your playlist to pump you up for good print-making? Yes, we are both musicians and love music! And are heavily inspired by music posters such as Hatch Show Print. We like a good mix on our playlist, everything from pop to alt country to indie.

custom invitations by dapper paper co.

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Hil said...

I absolutely LOVE that poster! My grandma used to sing that song in the mornings when she would come to babysit, or when we would stay at her house. It is such a beautiful print, these guys most definitely are rad.

Dansie Family said...

i can have mixed feelings about that poster. it brings back great and horrible memories. i look fondly back at the time living with my parents, going to high school, cramming for tests, running cross country and just living the carefree life of a teenager, but that song did get annoying when it was sung too early and out of key by my mom.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

My mom used to sing that one to us a lot when we were little. What a great print! I'm inspired to paint our bathroom now, and maybe start putting the pressure on hubs to rip out the 70s-era mustard-yellow tub, toilet and sink and install the shiny new white ones we bought last winter...

mae " print bookmark said...

When we talk about typography, your invitations are really top of the class. You know well enough to combine simple fonts with the colors.

Em-Jae said...

Wow, they create awfully pretty things...!!! Thank you for sharing :]

cay said...

Thanks for sharing, I love their work!

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