22 March 2012

the mini diary meets france.

image by daisy reyes

thank you, daisy! these snapshots brought a huge smile to my face. wow! i just love them. if you are toting around a mini diary (old or new), i'd love to see it in use (wherever you may be, even at a bus stop)! email me a pic.

I've been a fan of you, your blog and all you share for a long time. Last spring I gifted myself a mini diary for my birthday just in time to take a trip to Europe to visit my sister and was just going through my pictures and came across this one... 
Thank you for writing and inspiring!
- Daisy


Hil said...

This is awesome!

SewSara said...

that lucky daisy!
i want to go to france. *sigh*

Ihilani said...

this is so cool! it's the best feeling to make something and send it out into the world.

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