12 April 2012

easter in sun valley

wearing winter gear on spring break is not so bad when you're in beautiful sun valley, idaho.

+ an easter egg round up (not so much of a hunt as they were all scattered in plain sight for the wee ones)! with so many kiddos, it was the quickest hunt i've ever seen. off to get a tattoo.

+ meeting the real easter bunny, in the fur.

+ the boys got in on some serious spring skiing. i love watching dan get benji all geared up: helmet, mittens and more. okay, thumbs go in the thumb pockets. admittedly, i am not much help on the slopes. however, i am in charge of packing the apres ski snacks. dried mangoes, sandwiches and trail mix.

+ iconoclast book store and cafe is our favorite place to browse books and sit awhile. oh so charming with its chalkboard-topped tables and an incredible stationery and hipster card selection. the toasted bagel and cream cheese is an excellent lunch for the famished.

+ the latest craze while being patient for a parent who is shopping is to find a little cozy spot to make a quick movie. no, no, no, mom. we start like this: you say, how old are you benji? and then i say, three. and we go from there. he's got the script down. and there is usually a knock knock joke involved. i can't wait to show the home movies to his fiance.

+ enjoying breakfast (and bears) at the kneadery. best breakfast in town. opens at eight.

read more about our trip here.


Meg said...

great pictures and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the lipstick color!

cecilia said...

LOVE your cute movie script.

what a lovely vacation, marta :)

Moments and Impressions said...

Videos saved for his fiance! That is awesome. I remember Easters in gloves - and not the sweet white ones either. Candy is just as good half frozen... especially those chocolate bunnies.

brooke said...

You look so cute in the baseball cap. I love Sun Valley. The Kneadery is a favorite.

Angie [Foodie Stroll] said...

I feel odd saying this, but I found that close-up of you and Benji so adorable because you both share that cute button nose.
And the lipstick IS glam. Is that Cruella? :)

shopgirl said...

love your hat!! beautiful!

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