11 April 2012

coming home from vacation. the list.

+ i packed all our darling easter spring clothes for our easter spring vacay. i forecasted sunshine and suntans. unfortunately the short sleeves remained packed. we wore turtlenecks and parkas the whole time. in fact, in a moment of motherly weakness, i let benji hunt for easter eggs in his camouflage sweat pants. (gasp.) he also got a temporary tiger tattoo that day. on his face. it still hasn't come off yet. i'm deeming myself as awesome mom. he was unbelievably happy and it was too chilly to make him wear his charming argyle vest and plaid shirt. and the way he says hello to tiger every morning in the mirror is pretty cute. i'm learning to let things go. and come to think of it, i'm totally fine without that perfect picture of him hunting for eggs in a catalogue-worthy outfit. small steps, people.

+ dan calls him a tiger on the slopes. so, it is a fitting symbol. as all tats should be.

+ one of the highlights was watching the skillful woman in the lobby put together the easter floral arrangement as i cozied up by the roaring fire. the fresh flowers smelled divine. and the assortment was taller and rounder than me (if at all possible). it was a huge assortment of lilies and hydrangeas and all kinds of colorful blooms somehow perfectly placed in symmetry. i also liked watching the delicate flowers balancing in the assistant boy's hand while she took her time creating the huge masterpiece. he was attempting to text someone and hold a garbage bag for the clippings at the same time. my favorite was the florist's professional method, as if she does a hundred of these arrangements in her sleep. she still  loves flowers but is no longer drunk off their scent. at the very end of her tango around the blooming arrangement, she took out her camera and snapped a quick shot (just one) of her incredible creation and turned away as quickly as she arrived. i liked seeing that teeny glimpse of pride in her work.

+ laundry. i dreamt about bountiful towers of folded laundry (and termites!) last night. termites that mutated into giant scary creatures. and something else called 'laundry cake' that supposedly smelled and tasted delicious, with a touch of downy. bizarre. i got the message; my laundry and cake-eating habits need to be attended to.

+ re-reading tina fey's bossy pants on the road. alas, mockingjay was not available at the local library (go figure). i was happy to share our easter vacay with tina. she's hilarious and self-deprecating, in a really likeable way.

+ the cold did not deter the fun of the vacation, of course. the boys skiied. we relaxed. and ate. i read every magazine on the rack at the glorious bookshop that has a mammoth assortment of legos for kids to play with while their moms get in on free relaxing and reading (not unlike a spa treatment). i shopped around town. and balked at a 300 dollar scarf. actually a whole wall of 300 dollar scarves. the lady working there came over to me and kindly handed me a plastic egg with a ten percent off easter coupon inside of it. guess how many scarves i bought. 

+ tiny silver earrings. i finally found some in a sweet gift shop. for under $300. i am happy. and will likely be wearing them for years to come.

+ cable tv and a swimming pool and endless supply of bubble bath. the little lovelies of hotel life.

+ introducing benji to strawberry sprinkle pop-tarts was another highlight of the trip.

+ not being able to fall asleep on the long drive home. rare treat indeed. while b slept the hours away, dan and i had a chance to catch up–just the two of us. plus i didn't miss passing all the gorgeous sunlit fields, tractors, and bugs splattering on the windshield.

pictures to come. / how was your weekend?


ellen said...

I made a quick trip to Maine on Saturday with a friend who had never been there. It's only 70 minutes away. I found a cool old sewing machine with a burnt orange case in an antique shop and had a crab roll for lunch. It was a perfect day trip.

--r said...

i totally understand about letting go of trying to put the kiddo into the perfect, cute outfit. he is waaaay too independent for such things. he regularly puts together somewhat atrocious ensembles (though he can, and does, match his socks quite well). he is so very proud of himself for getting dressed on his own...it just seems mean to rain on the parade.
i guess we can both look forward to a newborn with no opinions (for a few months at least)!

Sarah said...

I grew up in Colorado, and more often than not my pretty Easter dress was worn under a ski parka with snow boots and mittens as accessories. Some of those mismatched outfits made the best Easter photos.

Amanda said...

Once again I am left marveling at how beautifully you write. I feel like I am right there with you on the adventure.

I spent the weekend in Montreal visiting a friend and it was a fabulous time. Cupcakes, poutine, and real hot chocolate were consumed. Plus bagels and tea and pains au chocolat.

I walked and walked. Then walked some more. Marveled at the speed of the metro.

Saw Ingrid Michaelson in concert and alternated between being moved to tears and bopping my head and clapping my hands.

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