04 April 2012

little boy love / inspiration board

i could go on and on about how much i think about little boys; the fact that we will have two bouncing around this place makes me so happy. i can't help but dream up shared bedrooms, imagine tiny clothes and diapers lying around, and hoping benji can help swaddle his brother. i am in one moment trying to enjoy every second of the just benji stage while, the next moment, anticipating (and planning) life with another!

just yesterday i sat at the kitchen table (warm spring sunshine filtering in) with the back door open watching benji and his cousin scoot around on bikes, mark up our garbage cans with chalk and play soccer together in the backyard. benji kept his helmet on the whole time explaining that he was a construction worker man. after working so hard, they decided they were getting thirsty. i officially became the watering station with cup fulls of endless drinks. i love watching their imaginations grow. i am constantly wanting to write down every little thing he says and does. like when i gave them string cheeses, their sweaty little bodies sitting down to rest on the steps, and they knocked their cheese sticks together saying, cheers!!

+ i love this wagon for a playroom bookshelf / cory connor designs
+ am obsessed / the boy with the orange bowtie print / by lisa golightly
+ am dreaming of a red crib for our summer baby / chez daphne home
+ the mini cooper onesie / be still my heart / charlie and sarah etsy shop
+ stripey jammies and chubby legs / yes, please / polarn o. pyret
dancing dot blanket / just darling / polarn o. pyret
+ wooden car transporter for a helpful big brother / melissa & doug


AmandaB. said...

Adorable! Thanks for the links. I remember seeing that mini onesie before but forgot about it until I saw it again here! We are having a little girl August 4th but I drive a mini cooper and she needs that onesie. hehe

brooke said...

I love all of those items, especially the wagon bookshelf. There is nothing better than two little boys!

Amanda said...

It's a few years away yet (as far as I know ;) but you make me long to be a mom.

Kathleen said...

That string cheese story is adorable. I love having a little boy too - it's constantly hilarious. Where do they get the energy?

Hil said...

So cute Marta. You know how big a fan I am of little boys. They really are so much fun and I love all of your cute little boy finds. Benji is going to be such a fun big brother. I can't wait to hear about all the adventures he'll get to have with his baby brother!

ashley said...

oh yay for 2 little boys! I have 2 boys (ages 4 and 14 months) and I absolutely LOVE it. congratulations :)

Meg said...

I have three children: 2 girls and a boy. Everyone told me, "oh it is so different with boy" but I didn't really believe them...but it is. Not a bad different, just different. I could eat up my little every moment and I can only imagine your excitement to have another buoyant boy bouncing around! We have the Melissa and Doug car transporter (thanks, Santa) and my son plays with it over any of his other trucks. Even little ones have aesthetic tastes! Congrats, again to you and your family.

Travelin'Oma said...

I'm so happy you're happy to be a mom! Love, Mom

Hannah said...

We have that darling Melissa & Doug semi. It is a daily-played with toy. Cute collection of boy things. I'm so glad you are getting another. It is so great having two in a row.

Kari said...

I love boys--I also have two--and I'm excited for you entirely. So it is only with love that I tell you that boys don't bounce. They bash. Loudly.
And it's great.
Enjoy. And good luck. :)

RobynC said...

I love the striped jammies so much I can hardly take it!

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