02 May 2012

summer fun from the archives

magical image found via pinterest

i can hardly believe it's may. i feel like i was just vacuuming up christmas tree pine needles! anyway, this is the most fun time of the year for me. reading on the patio, cuddling benji during midnight thunderstorms, enjoying every warm park day, being barefoot and pregnant, waiting for baby, devouring fresh produce, planning summer activities for our little threesome. (dan has already hatched many-a-camp-out plans.) to think that just last may we had a family vacay to new york city and we moved back to utah and started the house hunt (which lasted all summer long). and oh boy, i'm glad that's over. so much has happened in one year. here are a few of my favorite summer activities from the archives.

+ summer kiddo countdown chain
+ a relaxing spa party for one (at home!)
+ the 50th anniversary party invitations 
+ a movie night in the backyard
+ i scream for (homemade) ice cream
+ parades, dress ups and amusement parks
+ the best summer drink: cucumber limeade 
+ i-spy telescopes
+ hunting for huckleberries with friends
+ my favorite picnic pasta salad

p.s. i want to string outdoor lights on our patio... any tips or light suggestions?


Anonymous said...

I can't believe it's May already either, crazy! Outdoor lights sounds sooo relaxing :)

Sarah Kate Branine said...

me too! I want to string lights on our patio-- and seeing that picture makes me want to put them up tonight! : )

sunny said...

I blogged about this ages ago but have yet to do it. I'd like a zig-zag syle of lights on my patio/deck that feels european somehow.


Anonymous said...

A year ago, I strung little globe lights zig zag style in a tent I had erected in our backyard for my son's graduation dinner. I bought them at Target. While they were beautiful, they were too cheaply made and shattered very easily during the put up and take down times. (glad I bought an extra strand!) I would recommend spending money on higher quality strands. You will probably love them and use for a long time.

Anonymous said...

i am looking for little globe lights for summer wedding in a barn and a big tent. need lots....
any ideas on where to buy and where to get for a deal? these lights are expensive! i'm going to need a lot!

Lettie B. said...

Hey - Ask Kristi about backyard lights. They have a lot of family parties in their yard and it is all decked out. She said they got "commercial grade" lights, but I have no idea what that means. Our neighbors diagonally behind us just have a bunch of Christmas lights up. I would love to have a space in my yard for that. Yours is perfect for it!

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