11 June 2012

favorite finds

+ sarasa zebra 0.7 pens are becoming a fast favorite.
+ zoi brand greek yogurt is the best in the business. especially with berries & granola.
+ carousel designs is the place for mini crib bedding (baby boy has polka dot & gingham).
+ reading vintage berenstain bears is a new bedtime ritual.
+ leaning heavily on adobe illustrator these days. this how-to book is the best reference guide.
+ can't help but stock up on light swaddling blankets for this summer babe.
+ ate berries in the canaries by o.p.i. is the perfect pop for a pedicure.
+ drippy juicy fat triangles of fresh watermelon. yes please.
+ shanna murray wall decals. so fantastic. i can't seem to choose a favorite.
+ latest greatest font obsession: josefin slab. download it for free!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the font recommendation -- and the reminder that it's time to change up my toenail color. :)

jessi bridges said...

Oh those are my favorite swaddling blankets!!! Love them.

And mmmm. Ice cold, juicy watermelon. Is there anything better when the weather heats up??

Melissa said...

Did I ever tell you that I got the colored pens you posted about months ago? I love them!

Tracy Evelyn said...

I grew up on the Berenstain Bears books and love them!

Ashley said...

Zebra Sarasa pens are the only ones I will use. I love them!

Jaimie said...

love this list! great nail color!

Jessie said...

what a great collection of favorite finds!! i'm taking note on all of them.

Ashley Antkowiak said...

My sister is about to have her first baby (a boy!) and those crib sheets are absolutely perfect! I'm definitely putting them on my "get for Jenny" list!

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