12 June 2012

real life / still life no. 04

+ sugar cookie making is way more fun (and messy) with another pair of hands.
+ a pretty perfect summer evening in the shade.
+ slicing strawberries for freezing.
+ took lots of notes on painting furniture (before and after shots coming soon).
+ ice cream sammies / we hosted a bridal shower last weekend (details coming soon)!
+ baby clothes all sorted, washed and hung.
+ prepping blooms for the bridal shower (from our very own rose bush)!
+ stealing quiet moments in his big boy bed.
+ fresh pineapple never tasted better.


LMT said...

I love seeing the bits of your life. And, I'm so glad you posted a picture of you! I'm expecting in July and I love thinking of old Internet friends going through the same thing. So happy for you and can't wait to meet your new baby. I don't comment much anymore but I still love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture of you. You should frame it and put it out somewhere in your house so you can always remember being pregnant with your son.

Debie Grace said...

These are happy photos! I enjoyed taking a sneak peak of your life! :)

Lori said...

I would love to hear all your tips on the furniture painting. We will be doing a similar project soon! All your pictures are so fun to see.

Elizabeth said...

Is Benji's bed always made up so cute? Can't wait to see/hear about the bridal shower!

holtkamp said...

perfect photos! is that a fabric and handle bag? i love the pattern. and you look amazing and a perfectly gorgeous pregnant woman!

Jessie said...

these are some of my favorite posts that you do! such beautiful pictures. i too would love some tips on refinishing furniture! my dining room table has definitely seen better days...

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