03 July 2012

DIY glossy red table / from drab to fab

forget the year of the dragon, for me this has been the year of the paintbrush. in all my years of apartment dwelling i longed for a space (garage / yard / driveway) to drag furniture out and paint it. i dreamed big dreams of do-it-myselfing. so now i'm putting my money where my mouth is and starting to accomplish little projects. this one quite easily landed in my lap!

i snagged this little black nightstand at the swap party a few months ago. and, no, i didn't even have to fight anyone for it. it was left there–lonely and sad–after the guests left, just waiting for a new home. i thought it may be perfect in benji's room. plus i've always wanted something lacquer, glossy and red.. this was the perfect non-committal piece to try it on! painting something for a toddler's room is also a great place to start, no perfectionism or scrutiny here.

it was a quick project; one night i stayed up late and hunted pinterest (see my home improvement board) and jenny komenda's blog (she's amazing!) for good advice on re-painting furniture. these two articles were very helpful to me: tools for painting furniture and i heart oil-based paints. one morning trip to home depot, one drippy can of paint, and one bright red paintbrush later, we had ourselves a shiny red table. three cheers! i love admiring it in his bedroom and try not to look too closely at the imperfections (the spindles were a bit tricky!). the red is the perfect pop. am pondering how i can use up the rest of that can of paint!

supplies for DIY glossy furniture
+ sandpaper and rags
+ plastic drop cloths
+ an old but decent paintbrush (oil-based paints don't come out easily)
+ paint thinner to remove paint from brushes (and limbs!)
+ Rustoleum brand oil-based enamel paint (i used gloss sunrise red)
+ use 2 coats of paint and voila!
+ at least 24 hours to dry


Anonymous said...

It's so hard to paint with high gloss--you did a great job! (My front door still has brush marks.)

Unknown said...

Love this. Now I'll be looking for something to lacquer. I've always wanted to find a dresser to turn bright green!

Unknown said...

i love that! its so cute!

Tatum said...

Three cheers for enamel! This is great- you chose the perfect color. I admire your bravery with oil-based paint. It turned out so great, I may have to try. Fabulous as always, Marta!

Angie [Foodie Stroll] said...

The table is adorable! You're always posting ideas and recipes that make me want to be a kid again (cousins carnival, S'mores brownies!), so I wanted to share this post with you. Popsicles for breakfast!


I'm listening to my first Nora Ephron book (I Feel Bad About My Neck) because of your post, and her sense of humor is definitely something to appreciate. Thanks!

sunny said...

I love, love, love the red glossy table! it's so cute.

You're so good at seeing the potential for style in objects!!

Anonymous said...

Fab indeed! LOVE the color, love the gloss!

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