14 August 2012

good thoughts / two weeks and a pound heavier

awesome art by kensie kate etsy shop (a local utah artist!)

not sure how to blog normally yet after this babe has come into our life. two weeks and a pound heavier, the babe weighed in at the doctor's today. he has long blonde eyelashes. lots of hair that seems a shade of strawberry in the sunlight. deep blue eyes (wondering if they'll change like his brother's did).  he is thoughtful in his staring and serious about his sleeping. we are still soaking up all the goodness. and the transitions. and the newborn loves. and the friday night lights episodes. i should be sleeping right now as he is snoozing on the ottoman. oh how i love the slug phase of swaddling and itty bitty diapers and newborn onesies. and living in baggie clothing. (a catalogue for plus-size women arrived in the mail today. not the best timing for post-maternal morale.) saturday we had a family of four outing. we took our boys to the farmer's market downtown. and i got out of my pajamas! we tasted juicy samples of peaches, ripe and golden. we splurged on blackberries. and perused all the booths. and counted all the dogs. and ate an incredible chocolate chip ruby snap cookie. mmmm. mm. and dan wore baby seth in our handmade moby wrap (thank you, anna!). he had dozens stopping him. something about a man wearing a moby. or was it the teeny tiny little mister peeking out..


Amanda said...

I love these dear diary entries, Marta. I have a feeling dozens stopped Dan for both reasons... a man wearing a brand new baby! Also, I love that quote! So true!

the Eggett's said...

I LOVE that print. I am ordering! Just wanted to comment and say CONGRATS on baby Seth. My older brothers are also Ben and Seth (Ballstaedt) so I love their names. Hope all is well in the Dansie home!

love, Amber (Ballstaedt) Eggett

Hannah said...

Ooh! I hope his hair is a shade of strawberry! There is nothing cuter on a little babe! Congrats on your darling little one. I'm doing my blog check ups this week and was so excited to see your little one had arrived. He's beautiful!

Debie Grace said...

Oooh that's a nice art! :)

Mills (héron + hibou) said...

What a fitting quote. Your blog exudes those rays of sunbeams perfectly. It's a lovely dose of happiness. New babies bring such a brand new revelry to everyday moments, don't they? It's nice to be able to slow down and enjoy the first weeks and months. Hope all is well with your beautiful family of four.

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