28 August 2012

quiet on the home front

please don't mind me. we're laying low.
doing lots of this. and not much else.

truth be told, i have so much to say. nothing carves out new feelings and wishes to write them down like a life-altering experience. funny how a little eight pounded thing can swing your whole life around.  i have renewed appreciation for mothers. of mothering. of being mothered. (and fathers too. dan took both boys to the grocery store tonight!) i am in love with my job and am slowly figuring out how to do it again. baby steps. i am wildly writing post-it notes hoping to capture my thoughts while nursing the newborn and simultaneously sword fighting my pirate four year old (yes, he had a birthday!) with tinker-toy sticks.


Ashley said...

This picture/post made me smile.

Audrey said...

Marta, I'm glad things are going well. That stage of getting to know your newborn and figuring things out again is so hard but so special. Now that my "baby" is one, I'm going through those post-its of mine and trying to record them. Brings back memories of how sleep-deprived I was when I wrote some of them but I was so desperate not to forget certain moments....Loved this post!

chris said...

Oh, nursing and playing were such a challenge for me. So worth it. Happy Birthday to Benjy boy.

{natalie} said...

i was just thinking of you this morning. i hope all is well. i look forward to your blog return but take your time and enjoy this new time with your boys.

missy said...

Nothing beats sleeping with a newborn snuggled into your chest. nothing. I miss it. Best wishes for your cute family. :)

Melissa said...

Such a precious time.

yours truly dear said...

that picture is perfect and adorable. enjoy your time with the new baby :)

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