26 September 2012

the best things aren't things. / and some goals.

a date night out with my men (aren't they cute?!) / the copper onion / downtown salt lake

birthdays are my favorite time to resolve to be a new, shiny person.

am planning to
enjoy the best things in life.
figure out how to get this baby weight off.
(any good workout tunes suggestions?)
care more about what i put into my body.
drank a mexican coca cola last night.
it'll be the last one for a long time.
am hoping to write in my diary a lot more often.
for some odd reason, i don't count the blog as real documentation
i ought to print some posts out (anyone successfully done this?)
i need to put pen to paper and write about my life in detail.
i love having written. the actual writing part is hard.
hope to get back into the groove of designing.
in the inbetween times.
am letting go of my house always being clean.
am not going to look at my phone everytime it beeps.
(am not getting a smartphone any time soon.)
more picnic lunches with dan.
more long chats with sisters on the phone.
less time in front of the tv.
more time in front of my kids.
less hurry up, hurry up.
more getting up early.
and eating good healthy breakfasts.
and exercising first thing.
will try not to avoid hard tasks.
i hope to be the type of person i hope my kids will be.
discipline with a lot of love.
go on more date nights! (try new restaurants!)
eat excellent desserts.
read wholesome uplifting books (and blogs) in spare time.
carve out more spare time.
bathe in bubble baths.
feel less guilty about what i haven't gotten to yet.
participate in some kind of athletic event.
support dan in all of his!
learn a new skill.
find ways to make someone smile.
keep building family traditions.
find a lesson in the tough times.
be optimistic!
blog more worthwhile posts.
remember to read scriptures and apply them to my life.
start handmade christmas gifts early (like now).
put more heart and soul into my work (including housework!)
try hard to remember others and serve them.
pray and communicate with God.
be kinder and ready to listen.
make others feel important.
live without regret.
be genuine.
make good decisions. (be more decisive!!)
write sincere thank you notes.


summer said...

STELLAR. I feel refreshed and motivated and given a good dose of perspective just having read this list!! Imagine how good it will feel to act it out :) go get 'em!

JC said...

Happy belated birthday, Marta! So glad it was a lovely one.
Your blog has provided such encouragement in my finally answering my urge to write. Just thought I'd pass along another little something that got me going with the details of life -- I'm taking Ali Edwards' self-paced class 31 Things (at bigpictureclasses.com). Love it! I'm so glad I'm capturing these pieces.

Have a great day!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! Look how positive you are! It's really so refreshing. My husband and I love the Copper Onion. It's one of my favorite utah eats.

A Wife and her Carpenter said...

Happy birthday Marta! LOVE the list. And just a tip, if you search google, there are companies who will turn your blog into a book for you. Just a thought! :)

Mary said...

Awesome, awesome post. Wonderful things all. Happy birthday!

*Dream Weaver* said...

Birthdays {and New Years!} are an awesome time for resolutions and I loved your list. Here's to you being able to tick off most of the items :)
*woot woot*

Ashley said...

Great list of goals. Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

kira lee said...

my all time favorite workout tune is "hit it with your best shot". as nerdy as it is, it is one motivating song! :)

happy birthday!

jessi bridges said...

I absolutely love reading your thoughts! I am always trying to write more in my journal. Then I pick it up and realized I haven't written in it in months, years! But I really really need to get on it! I wish you the best in your journaling endeavors. I think it's such a blessing to be able to look back at detailed accounts of life :)

AmberLee said...

you seriously write the best lists of anyone I know. thanks for this, totally loved every line.

Amy said...

Happy birthday! May you fulfill all these wishes and more this year!

Amanda said...

It's a funny coincidence that you've set a goal for yourself to write in your diary more often. I was actually going to email you and ask you about that! Since I started my own blog a little over a year ago, I've found I haven't been writing in my journal as often as I used to. And I want to! I guess I just end up sharing on the blog, and what I don't share there just stays in my head or gets lost. But I want to journal more! So I was going to ask you if it was something you struggle with (not sure if struggle is the right word) and if you have any tips for getting back into journaling?

Liz Jensen said...

You don't know me from anywhere, but I just wanted to say I love what you write and check in every once in a while to be uplifted and inspired. Thanks for sharing with those of us you don't know-and making us better for it!

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