18 October 2012

one of my favorite things ever / seth's birth announcement

baby announcement design & details by SHE PAPERIE / letterpress by somersault / my own snapshots

for someone like me, a birth announcement is more than a trivial tradition. it's the real deal. it's more important than crib bedding designs and hospital bag contents. i mean, nowadays texts and tweets are the first announcements of birth, i get that. but still, a legit birth announcement (sent through the mail!) feels like a right of passage. to me, it's an honored hello to the world. or perhaps that's just the stationery sweet tooth talking; it's another incredible excuse reason to mail something marvelous.

during the nine months, i had dreamed up some simple ideas for seth's announcement and hoped to find time to design it myself. ha! then he was born and all my spare hours turned into moments and holding him (and napping!) seemed more important than any other task at hand. so i turned it over to a designer i could trust completely with such a precious project. enter, suzanne of SHE PAPERIE. (she rarely blogs anymore because she is slammed with creating beautiful paperie projects. follow her instagramming obsession right here!) she totally understood why this project was so important to me. suzanne is so awesome with her custom work; putting her heart into every collaborative effort. we texted nearly every day, usually in the wee (freelance design / feeding baby) hours to make sure we both shared the vision for seth's announcement. she took my ideas and ran with them, taking them into flight up into the clouds. her design really took my breath away. and since suzanne is the queen of details, she thought of all the ways to package it together and present it (all tied up in a bow inside the envelope). she found coordinating twine and washi tape that would tie the loose ends together perfectly! her packaging skills kill me. this announcement perfectly suited our little mr. seth.

and... the letterpress (!!!) printing by somersault was absolute icing on the cake. look at how thick and luscious that stock is. my dreams are made of paper this thick. better than a genie in a lamp. check out more photos featured on somersault's facebook page.

thank you, suz!


SewSara said...

Marta, These are breathtaking! I am a lover of paper and stationery as well. I would LOVE it when my dad took me to the office supply store as a young girl.
I splurged on Greta's birth announcements, even though she's our #4 - I just feel like every baby deserves a celebration. And I don't regret it at all, even though everyone already knew she was born.

Love love love Seth's birth announcement!

Fly Fish Chick said...

I absolutely LOVE these! I designed stationery in a former life and love to see creative projects like yours. brava!

I am so happy to have discovered your blog. I am a writer and appreciate your poetic eye. look forward to following along....cheers

Eeny said...

wow, these are so pretty. i love them. suzanne did an awesome job designing them. every single detail is amazing. and the picture of seth is the cutest. too bad i was not on your mailing list - just kidding =)

missy said...

Simply perfect! I can easily see why you are so pleased. I am in love with the "Seth Wells Dansie" font. Do you know what font it is? I'd love to know!

holtkamp said...

everything about this is absolutely perfect!

paper{whites} said...

These are just perfect - everything from the design to the packaging. What a wonderful official announcement! LOVE!

whit said...

so perfect..so you!! love the announcements and I love your little boy!!

Miriam said...

DARLING. love, love, love.

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