22 October 2012

recently / octoberfest

+ goodies for good ghouls and boys.
+ staining our new front door! hooray for the do-it-yourself movement.
+ the cousins carnival. abby hosted an amazing autumn carnival for the kids. tons o' fun.
+ cutest haunted house beanbag (pumpkin) toss ever, created by my sister amy.
+ tractor rides and firetrucks with old friends. so happy to hang with hilary & co.
+ legos, superheroes, nursery rhymes. this big imagination stage is awesome.
+ two tuckered out little fellas. i love family naps on my bed.

p.s. i can't remember autumn sunshine feeling this good. yay, october.


Lisa said...

Wow - that's the best Hallowe'en treat table ever!!

marta said...

FYI: those were packaged goodies for a few friends, not the whole neighborhood. ha! we are the dig-in-the-giant-bowl-for-a-twix-bar types come halloween night.

Michelle said...

I drove past your house earlier today and did a double take! The door looks great!

Jen Holtkamp said...

those are the cutest halloween bags. and your seth is just the cutest!

the dibers said...

the boys asleep in the bed together melts my heart and the picture of you and seth needs to be framed!!!!
can't wait to see the finished door!

Claire said...

Way to tackle DIY projects just a few months after Seth was born! I've always dreamed of painting my front door a fabulous color. Can't wait to see your finished product.

And the picture of Benji and Seth fast asleep on the bed is pure happiness. I can just feel the quiet of that moment.

By the way, my answer is yes. When? Where?

HAS said...

Once again, I'm so impressed with your energy and love! I can't believe that you tackled a "cousins carnival" and your front door remodel so soon after giving birth to Baby Seth! Your boys are so beautiful. And you look fantastic, too!
You always inspire me! Thank you!
PS I would love to comment more on your posts, but I'm usually reading on my iPhone while I nurse my baby!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I love those little Frankenstein cups!

Marble floor designs said...

Love the picture of you and seth. I love the haloween bags in first picture. xo
~ Herman Swan

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