03 November 2012

home is wherever i'm with you.

halloween 2012.

the other night i tucked my boys into bed. swaddled mr. seth slept soundly in his cradle while–across the country–superstorm sandy raged its way through the east coast, ripping up boardwalks, pummeling boats and tunneling harsh waves through narrow new york city streets. breaking glass, knocking down power lines, pushing past barriers, soaking subway lines, beating down doors and plucking full grown trees out like they were weeds. i sang my boys a few songs and did the bedtime routine of tickling and storytime and nightlights and prayers and kisses. meanwhile fearful families huddled onto freeways to evacuate. mamas holding tight to their little ones and papas putting their bravest faces on. facing the unknown and leaving treasures behind; wondering if locking the doors would even be necessary. families finding candles and flashlights and matches and rationing their water supply. whipping up omelets in the refrigerator before the eggs and milk spoil. and i feel guilty and lucky. i have a warm home and a cold fridge, running water and dry floors. a car parked outside my door, not floating down the street. my roof is safely intact and i have my family all in one place. benji asked for one more song and i crawled under the sheets next to him and drew a treasure map on his back, like i do sometimes, and sang him more than one more song. as his back was turned to me, his beloved bear peered at me over his little shoulder. thankfulness rushed over me.

home is wherever i'm with you.
am listening to this song on repeat. i really love it. this cover is pretty sweet too.


Alex said...

Cute costumes! My two boys were a fireman and his Dalmatian, too - great minds ��

Hil said...

This is such a sweet post Marta. I have felt the very same feelings as I watch the devastation that is happening on the east coast. I have a dear friend who lives in New Jersey and has had to stay at a friends house because her apartment no longer has power. They weren't able to find a hotel because they were all booked and have had to stand in insane lines at the grocery store just for food. I can't imagine the courage it must take to make it through such a hard time. It sure does make you count your blessings and hold on to your loved ones a little tighter.

p.s. Your boys look adorable. We have that very same fireman costume and I love the ingenious idea to tie a ribbon around the chin (the hat never stays on..). Seth makes the cutest Dalmatian pup ever.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for remembering us in your prayers!Sadness is everywhere.....but so is hope, faith and appreciation for all the things that you mentioned in your post. ~A grateful Long Islander.

Gretchen said...

Thanks for reminding those of us who were not directly affected by the storm how blessed we are! I've been appreciating that every day as I read about those who are without power.

brooke said...

Love the song..love the cute cover..love your darling boys in their costumes. I am grateful tonight for a warm bed and darling kids who always make me feel at home. I love your writing Marta!

lulu and family said...

sweet, touching post. precious "cover song," too.
thanks for sharing.

Abby said...

Such a cute post. Love the pics of the kids, love the songs - and most of all love how this post is so true and honest! Thanks for sharing.

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