11 December 2012

she makes me want to cut my hair, wear bright matte lips, smile real big (and star in les mis).

anne hathaway on dave letterman

seriously glamorous.


Eeny said...

you are right, Anne looks amazing with her pixie.

have you ever had your hair that short?

Amanda said...

She is gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. And she seems so classy. And fun. This generation's Audrey Hepburn?

Debie Grace said...

I love that she looks mature in her haircut! I still love her ;)

Kerry June said...

i love her. you would be so cute with short hair like hers!

Anonymous said...

One day I will dare to pixie! I just recently cut my hair the shortest i've ever done it and its just above my shoulders. I need to find her lipstick

Abbey Lile-Taylor said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE and LOVE!! She looks gorgeous!

I feel like shorter hair just looks so much more put together sometimes.

I've done it all: Pixie, Bob, Layers, Bangs, Loooong Hair. I'm currently in my Looooong Hair phase and love it, but I do miss my short hair days.

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