10 December 2012

three men and a little lady.

my three men / sun valley 2012. 

did anyone else watch this tom selleck / ted danson hit on repeat during their childhood? i should do a research paper about the movies that i've loved in my lifetime. i never could figure out what i should write research papers about. in my younger years, i would moan and groan with my head on the dining room table while my mother rattled off suggestions on what i should write about. then i would come up with my own lame ideas like GRAFFITI. honestly, i once wrote a huge research paper about graffiti. my writing style and stubbornness hasn't changed. but i do come up with great topics of research papers that will never be written. (if you are in your younger years, please write about topics that matter to you.. or will be helpful in your future. parenting! the benefits of breast-feeding! why lard is important for pie crust! sticking to a budget! couponing!! how to be an awesome wife–interviews from wise women in your life included! if you need more ideas, email me. or my mom.) anyway.

being the youngest of seven, i had rich taste in movies at an early age. i was watching ferris beuler's day off and dirty dancing after elementary school. i loved goldie hawn in overboard and had (have) troop beverly hills completely memorized. three men and a baby was just awesome. and so was mr. mom. ooh, i loved that show. i was big into big business too. is it strange for an eight year old to love bette midler so much? don't even get me started on beaches. i made my mother-in-law watch it with me when we lived with her last year. last year, people. oh and what about parent trap, and then parent trap II and III when hayley mills was the grandma and there were those triplets in hawaii.. the same actress that also later had the biker chick role in the senior year season of saved by the bell. (how many years were they at bayside high exactly?) are you still with me here? this post was not intended to be about movies. that's what happens when you title a piece before you write it. i'm strictly against that. looks like i've let my rule completely slip.

and now there's seth crying. okay. must go. this is hilarious. my life is so choppy. like meg ryan's haircut in you've got mail. my beloved boys post is going to have to wait. i was going to say how much fun it is having two little ones underfoot. how crazy busy it is. how i feel like i'm juggling a circus act. i love them so much. and they think i'm so entertaining! seth is laughing now and benji is saying the most hilarious things these days. we make up random games and he loves to play cowboys and indians. or lego cowboys and indians. these days, everything cool starts with the word lego. those marketing geniuses have figured it out! okay. better go snuggle my little elves. thanks for listening.

continue on with your christmas-ing.


twinsontherun said...

Lol! Best post! Love and still love all those movies-but I wasn't allowed to watch dirty dancing haha! I still watch SBTB.. Remember the early years with Miss Bliss? Those were weird. And remember when Zach and Jessie kissed?? Weird too! I love the ones at Malibu Sands with Stacey Carosi and I also love her on King of Queens. See I'm so with you on this! Lol thanks for this fun post :)

anna said...

I love your taste in movies. Big Business was my favorite movie for so long! And Mr. Mom is awesome. I think we would have loved watching movies together as kids. It was fun to remember those childhood memories as I read your post.

Taylor said...

OMG I thought I was the ONLY one who loved Parent Trap II and III! Completely forgot about those!! Thanks so much for taking me down memory lane again :)

Amanda said...

Okay, Marta, now I'm more convinced than ever that I want to be friends with you. (Hopefully that doesn't sound stalker-y, just blogger-y :)

Overboard? Ferris Bueller's Day Off? Dirty Dancing? Three Men and a Little Lady? (Although I preferred Three Men and a Baby.) Troop Beverly Hills? You just named so many of my top faves! I literally was just talking about some of these last night with a couple of my friends! And they had no idea what I was talking about :( haha

If it turns out that you're also a fan of the Brat Pack (or even know who they are), then I will declare us movie soul mates. Or perhaps even if you don't, because you love Meg Ryan!

Amanda said...

P.S. This post was the best. And now I'm headed to bed and will be dreaming of New York and Seattle. Or Kurt Russell and Patrick Swayze.

sarah {on the brightside...} said...

Oh, how I love all of those movies!!! I watched Dirty Dancing with my grandma when I was little, she fast-forwarded the bad parts! Ha! And Parent Trap has been one of my favorite movies forever!! :)

summer said...

this post is so you, Mart. and you know how much I like you.
seriously, it was the best. and convinces me (yet again) that no one can top you when it comes to real true writing!!

more! more choppiness! please!
and you know I freaked out when you mentioned Troop Beverly Hills. totally memorized.

diane @ a spot of whimsy said...

you are after my own heart with the title of this post and your love of three men and a little lady. not enough people my age have seen that (and its predecessor, of course!). i just made that statement with absolutely no authority to back that up :)

once again i just came to say how honest and real your posts are and how much i enjoy reading them. the end!

brooke said...

My childhood was all about the movies..Beaches, Ferris Bueller, Big, Three men and a baby, big business, dirty Dancing, Breakfast Club, raising Arizona....i shouldn't have been watching any of those in elementary school but they are classics.

Don't get me started on the great tv shows..full house, growing pains, different strokes, that boarding school show with tutie, jo, blaire and Natalie..can't remember the name..anyway..thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Linn @ The Home Project said...

I'm so with you Marta, the movies I watched as I grew up were SO important and I watched them over and over. Totally with you on Dirty Dancing, three men and a baby, and three men and a little lady. I really almost preferred the lady movie to the baby movie, and that scene in the church at the end was totally my favorite, must have made me laugh hysterically a few dozen times at least.

I didn't see Ferris Beuler's Day Off until I was an adult, and I somehow felt like I had been deprived all that time - thinking that would have been an AWESOME movie to have as a go-to-tape growing up.

Ah, and Meg Ryan's haircut in You've Got Mail - adorable. I won't even tell you how many times I've actually brought her picture to the hairdresser, just to come out of there with something a lot less flashy and sophisticated looking (that haircut apparently requires WORK to keep looking fab!).

Anyway, loved this post. Made me smirk and laugh and nod in recognition. Have a lovely holiday! xoxo Linn

Abby said...

HAHA - best post ever! So funny. You named every movie I LOVE! So fun to relive and laugh a little about the good ole movie days.

cropfoto said...

ohmigosh this is my favorite post you've ever done. love it!
3 men & a little lady is one of my all-time favs! i quote it all the time.

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