17 December 2012

the first ski of the season / grand targhee

these photos of my boys skiing together completely warms my heart. it's no mystery that dan loves to ski. now four year old benji does too. for reals! they had a boy's ski trip to grand targhee this weekend. (i love the iphone 5, now i get a peek at all the fun my boys are having!) benji had his first official lesson. afterwards benji told dan–as he was getting on the magic carpet (by himself!!)–i'm good dad.. you keep skiing! ha! here is a look at benji skiing for the very first time in 2011.

they also got to visit some of our favorite idaho friends, including ronda and scott! dan came home raving about their hospitality (and ronda's sourdough pancakes!!) and more. idaho has such a special spot in our hearts since our first little spud was born there. we have happy memories of living there. ooh, the idaho clouds are my favorite. benji saved his letter to santa to deliver it to this special mailbox in downtown idaho falls. and i love that dan texted me a photo of the new carl's jr. we may have never moved.

p.s. thanks for the early christmas gift, babcocks. (our friends handcraft these curly dog roasting sticks! i'm excited; they are going to come in handy for all of our summer campfires.)


Hil said...

Hooray! I miss those people. Also, when did this Carl's Jr. happen? I.F. is def moving up the world without us being there!

Those snapshots of Dan and Benj skiing are just adorable! I started that young too but am a pansy these days and don't dare go out in the cold. I feel sad my boys are missing out on one of my favorite parts of my childhood. I may just have to buck up and take them!

[eeny] said...

i have great memories of going skiing with my dad when i was little. i started skiing when i was 3 i guess. i had so much fun. i loved it and always looked forward to wintertime to go skiing with my dad again.

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