21 March 2013

25 happy things. go.

opening mail has never been so fun.

+ warm enough to don the onesie without pants. (on seth–indoors–that is.)
+ we took a spontaneous (and successful!) family photo the other morning right before church. we were all wearing a touch of green. we grabbed a neighbor, click and bam: a decent family portrait. yay.
+ daffodils are (nearly) blooming like crazy. this makes me so happy since all our flowers died so miserably at the end there last year.
+ made vats of italian tomato, artichoke and sausage soup for a church function. the house smelled divine. i figured i would have tons leftover.. not even one bowl.
+ working on three design projects concurrently. it's good to get my feet wet again.
+ one of them has me squealing; a little marta calligraphy (can i call it that?!) letterpressed! i've only seen late night cell phone pics of them so far, but i'm dying over it. can't wait to reveal our collaborative efforts.
+ a very happy thing; texting other freelance mamas in the wee hours to discuss ideas, give pats on backs and virtual high fives.
+ planning an epic weekend in vegas with this little lady. (have you seen her new site?!) planning a trip (and where to eat!) is half the fun.
+ my taxes are (almost) done!
+ my favorite flipflops are back in business. (they are an investment; but they last and last and last.)
+ meanwhile benji is still wearing his boots to go biking. i had to remind him about crocs! oh the love of kiddie crocs in the summertime.
+ o.p.i. elephantastic pink fingernails.
+ a new belgium waffle & frittes place just opened up next door to my gym. talk about living dangerously.
+ last saturday we spring cleaned the garage. seriously, we were so proud of ourselves.
+ easter is right around the corner. planning egg hunts galore.
+ discovered a new fabulous font: Belluccia. gorgeous.
+ i finally fit into old pre-baby tops. hello peter pan collars. nothing like shopping the closet.
+ i braved up and went to zumba. felt like a fool. but a happy dancin' fool.
+ ate two homemade eclairs with the kitchen staff at said church function. i love the behind-the-scenes chit chat. p.s. anyone else tempted to run to target for the new JT album?
+ this body scrub smells amazing. admittedly that store can be annoying. just focus. run in, run out. you won't regret it.
+ glad the bachelor's over. oh man, that show. now i can have my mondays back.
+ met old friends jer and mallory for some authentic thai. more coconut curry, yes please.
+ finally cashed in a gift certificate from my birthday for a facial. happy belated to me.
+ counting the days to the field trip to the aquarium. benji is beside himself with glee.
+ the other morning i went with dan's grandma and mother to our favorite local bindery, Schaffer's. it's a true mom / pop shop, the best bindery in town. bernice, age 95, chose the hue of cloth for her book cover and picked between gold and silver foiling for the title and spine. (we're printing 50 life histories!) this kind of thing made me remember how awesome it is to create something from scratch. especially for people you love a lot. seth was a rockstar and slept in his carseat the whole time. three cheers for learning to juggle priorities.


Mary said...

Awesome happy post!

Kim said...

Tell us, where is that beautiful rug from?

Mrs Abbott said...

Loverly Spring Blog Post! Thank You!

Jen Holtkamp said...

that rug and seth are amazing! i love bruges, could definitely eat there everyday. and so glad they have a location with tables inside :)

Unknown said...

I totally bought the album on Tuesday. It just needed to come home with me. :)

marta said...

yes! thank you.. our new rug is the Safavieh Rug from the Chelsea Collection (wool, hand-hooked). it's available on amazon. i love it and hope you might too.

Cassie said...

Gorgeous smiley post Marta, made me almost feel Spring really is on its way even though we are forecast a white weekend here in England. Just wanted to say that every time I see a gorgeous pic of Seth I am astounded just how much he looks like your Dad - amazing! xx

Alex said...

Love this happy post. Congrats on the flexibly napping second baby - that's the best! I have to ask, what's the recipe for the Italian soup you made for the ward activity? Reading about it made me hungry!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing a slice of sunshine with the world today! So many things to enjoy and look forward to these days, right?!

Kirsten Krason said...

You got the rug!!! I love it.

brooke said...

Just bought the nail polish from your link..have been looking for that color!

Jen Holtkamp said...

your easter egg post from 2011 was just featured on a buzzfeed post! :)

Amanda said...

Marta, I loved this post! I've been feeling a little down in the dumps lately, and it reminded me there's lots to be happy about. Sometimes I just have to pause, think about it, and look around. I did just that, and wrote my own "happy things post": http://ajigreer.blogspot.com/2013/03/26-happy-things.html.

Abby said...

Love the rug - the quilt pattern that mimics it is called granny squares - the ideas are turning....

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