01 April 2013

easter weekend 2013

easter sunday dinner and egg hunt at amy's home. the teenagers taught benji about trading; their candy for his money. (benji gave up his money willingly without any trade. it was pretty cute.) good thing i have nieces to teach me everything i am missing on instagram, snapchat and youtube. p.s. i laughed my head off at this you forgot the blueberries clip. #thankssophie.

darling easter table. the food was so good, i was too busy eating to photograph.

the golden egg in the exhaust pipe trick.

oma and opa hosted an event to remember: an egg hunt (ears provided), the bunny hop, talent show, an egg roll race (i am dying to photoshop that grass green!) and easter sweets galore. it was warm and sunny and a perfect park day. i love watching benji (and seth!) play with their cousins.

dan provided the glazed maple bacon donuts. they actually tasted pretty good. not sure i ever need one again. admittedly, looking at this photo now makes my stomach a bit squirmish. (the kids thought it was an april fools trick. yuck! bacon!?!)

best easter loot: cool band-aids. genius thinking, mom!

my easter boys in their sunday best. in my opinion, little boys belong in plaid. (i'm gonna have to roll these babes to sears or something to get a decent photo of them together!) bummer i didn't snap a picture of myself yesterday; i was actually dressed properly. ha!

hope you had a happy easter with you and yours. xo.


brooke said...

Your boys are so cute in plaid. Seth looks just like you!

Janna said...

What a fun day! I love Seth's little feet in the first picture! So cute! :)
Happy Easter from a long time reader!!!

the price report said...

I thought bacon made everything better!?! :)

Amanda said...

Happy Easter, Marta! Your boys look so grown up!

I once had bacon chocolate chip cookies. Surprisingly, they tasted good!

whit said...

So fun Mart..love these pictures and I lalalalove the pictures of your boys in their Sunday best! Adorable

brynn said...

Thanks for keeping it real. I love to read your blog, and think your family is adorable.

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