27 March 2013

domino magazine / on newstands now

lookie lookie! a special spring issue of domino just landed. each page features pretty possibilities (and tons of sources!) for your small spaces. not only does it have fantastic ideas for your home, but the magazine is brilliantly designed and will inspire your inner graphic artiste. i will be dog-earring this edition and coming back to it often. it's my recent favorite thing to peruse before a little catnap on the couch. these days both boys are afternoon-napping at once. knock on wood! i count myself blessed! magazine reading and a catnap!? two guilty pleasures in one afternoon.

p.s. i'm loving your responses to my last post! yay. comments aren't dead afterall!


Ashley@MarriedLane said...

I can't wait to get my hands on a copy! I hope they do more issues like this :-)

yours truly dear said...

wait wait wait wait wait...domino is back?!?! where have i been??! ahhh, i need to get this now! haha...i mean...thanks for posting about this :)

ellen said...

I finally found it last night (at B&N). :)

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