16 September 2013

fall in love | autumn is the season

here at our house we are excited for fall. i love september! what about you? autumn is one of my favorite seasons to decorate for; you can use so much of nature to create a smashing display!! lookie here and here for more of my autumn decorating tips. benji loves changing up the house with me and we can't wait to decorate for halloween. last week he helped pour some corn kernels, lentils, pumpkin seeds, black beans, and other dried grains into glass vases to create simple (and inexpensive) harvest decorations. i plan to leave them until we're ready to deck the halls after thanksgiving.

thanks to some sweet instagram encouragement & inspiration, i've created an autumn bucket list for my shop. it's an 8x10 print and fits neatly into a standard frame. you can purchase either the download option or order the print straight from me (domestic shipping is free)! the prints are ready to ship this week. for my own fam, i've also made an ongoing specific Fall Fun list on my phone to refer to. here are some activities we plan to do this season. what are your autumn faves? (why let summer have all the fun? bring on the bucket lists.)

our autumn bucket list | 2013
+ brunch at Ruth's
+ hot dog cook out with church group
+ pumpkin patch
+ make Nutter Butter ghosts
+ host a cider & donuts party
+ carve jack-o-lanterns together
+ dip caramel apples
+ have chili in breadbowls
+ celebrate birthdays & anniversary
+ check out halloween library books
+ take a sunday drive to see the changing leaves
+ candlelight read-a-thon
+ bake pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
+ make homemade applesauce
+ trick or treating, pizza & home-brewed root beer
+ Disneyland (!!!!)


Meg said...

I love the idea of making an autumn bucket list! How fun!

Hannah said...

Disneyland in the fall is my fav!! Have so much fun.

Megan @ Chicago Girl said...

I love the decor and the bucket list. I definitely need to get my act together! It just doesn't feel like fall in Florida. :/

Nicole said...

love your list! especially jealous about the disneyland part. ;) my husband is from torrance ca and i kinda wish we still lived in the vicinity of the happiest place on earth. ;)

i found your blog via your family photo in the forest several years ago that was linked on pinterest. i can't wait to look around your posts and get to 'know' you better.


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