25 March 2020

Free scavenger hunt + nature journal printable

We've never seen days like this. We are isolating our families due to the rate of Covid-19 raging through each nation. The news is rapidly revolving; a cycle of bad news turning worse and then deadly. It's hard to stay on top of the news, our work responsibilities, our kids' needs, our own health - mental and physical - and our list of obligations that once seemed so important. We are grinding to a halt and lifestyles are changing without notice. My expectations of being an ideal homeschool teacher in this climate of uneasiness and stress have lowered significantly over the past week. However I've already seen so much good rise to the top of this pandemic. Good people everywhere putting in their two cents, doing what they can or, in some cases, putting in their ALL, with their abilities and talents to help others. I've been pondering what I can do, I'm starting very small with this idea. We are in this together.

Since we are all social distancing, I thought I'd recreate some of my printable designs from the past and offer them to you for free. Keeping our kids entertained and semi-educated while school is cancelled is a full-time job. I hope you're inspired to create a family fort, campout indoors or send some scavenger hunt printables door to door to show some love to a friend. Simply click on the image to print!

1 comment:

Dyanna said...

Reese will love this. Thanks!!

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