27 March 2020

Pandemic journal prompts

I feel like one of the best things we can do during this pandemic is to keep a journal.  In case you need some inspiration for yourself or your homeschooling students, I found some interesting questions and 
created a list of prompts, adding a few more of my own. Click the image above to save and print. 
If you prefer to copy and paste your questions, instead of printing out the questionnaire, here you go! 

Questions for journaling during Covid-19 Pandemic

What did the government announce/declare/implement today? 
Does it impact your life? Why or why not? How did your family respond?

What is open in your neighborhood? What is closed? What does your neighborhood 
look like? Are people walking around?

How is today different from yesterday for you, your family, our nation, the world?

Do you see any examples of racism, privilege, and income inequality in any of the events that happened today? (Locally, at the state level, nationally, or the world?)

Did you see anything today that gave you hope? Anxiety? Fear? 
(In person, in the news, or on social media?)

What does your family need today that you might not have, have enough of, 
or have no access to acquire? What do you and your family have that others 
may need?

How are you spending your time? Who are you social distancing with?

What is currently bringing you the most comfort?

What are your favorite foods, games, friends, electronic apps, television shows?

What are the worries you’re concerned about at this time?

What things have stayed the same for you during the pandemic?

1 comment:

beviejean said...

I am so happy to find your blog again. YOU have been missed. I followed you when Benjie was a baby and now I see you have two more adorable children. I loved when your Mom was writing a blog, and I am so sorry to read about your Dad passing. I know you have a special relationship with your family. I just copied your recipe for chicken pot pie! I love them, but not the store brand. Thank you for posting that. Please continue to blog..you have many followers.

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