19 November 2006


i think these notecards deserve a blurb of their very own. they are gorgeous.. with the pretty green blooms 'bleeding' off the page and the unexpected tiny bee buzzing by. i love it. the best thing about them is that they come from nest, a nonprofit organization helping artistic women all across the world.


Marty: said...

Where's the link to mArta cards? You're advertising all these paper products, sites and stores, and we don't get to see any of your own creations! Until there's a Min's Paperie, we need to shop online so connect us!!

Marty: said...

P.S. You are so creative! I think you should start a magazine, truly...an ezine! You could do the layout, design, writing, etc. and have contributors. I'm truly serious! Hmmmm... Maybe that's kind of what a blog is (you already have your picture on the cover of every issue and I guess all your commentors count as contributors....) My name is Martha B....could I be the life coach columnist? After Tom C sees that you wrote about him, maybe he'll come and jump on your couch, and you'll be famous. Anyway, I think the ART in Marta is obvious on your blog. (Is there a cuter
word for "blog"?)

whit said...

I want to buy

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