29 December 2006

law school lover

hat's off to you mr. second year. yes, it's almost 2007, but more importantly dan is in his element. now that finals are over, he is back country skiing, reading books of pleasure, ordering the #9 at Dee's and generally living it up while on holiday break. it's good to have the ol' dan back. and hip hooray - he is officially half way through law school. man, what a feat!

since i know he'd object to a big celebratory half-way mark party, (which is a darn shame because i think i'd do a vintage schoolhouse motif for the invitations..) i'll host a little blog diddy in his honor instead.

i've see all the endless hours he has devoted this past year and a half. it's amazing and like i've said, i am glad it's him and not me. law school ain't for sissies. it sorta seems like bootcamp. with more books. and less pushups. but dan does those too. he is pretty much unstoppable. keep up the great work. i am super happy and thrilled and proud of you. i've got my party hat on, celebrating your awesomeness. you rule my world. congrats on your success thus far in all things pertaining to LAW (not counting that tiny itty bitty little run in the other day on 800 south).

happy weekend. happy half-way mark. and happy new year's.

1 comment:

jamieanne said...

Three Cheers for Daniel! What an accomplishment. Now let's hear a little more about that itty bitty run in on 8th south...

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