03 January 2007

let's dish

here's the dish...
the cutest reason to fill your cupboards is here! (not like we need another excuse to buy pretty china.) i've seen some of these betty's at both artichokes and urban and finally i've found all the li'l lovelies under one roof! want a second helping?! here are my faves..

just imagine taking a bite of a juicy big apple on these darling plates. mm. i wish i were on vacation.

these inspire me to:


Stie said...

Thanks for the well-wishes on my new adventurous blog...yours always inspires me to stay current!

Marty: said...

I love all kinds of dishes! Dishing with the girls, Christmas dishes and tasty dishes. Back in the day, cute girls were even called "Dishes", as in "She's a dish!" Love the little black dress. Wouldn't they be cute for a fashion show luncheon?

ali said...

They're too pretty to eat off of! But great for display, yes indeed.

jamieanne said...

I love the dish...gossip, kitchens, beauty...I'm for all 3!

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