25 January 2007

career day

pete & i had an adventure today. we were career day presenters at clayton middle school. we told the wee ones all about our happy lives as graphic designers. while prepping for it, i realized once again how lucky i am to really love what i do. every day is challenging, yet rewarding, interesting and exciting. it is a profession wherein the more you know, the more you see how much you can still learn.
as for me, i have a lot to learn, but the journey is enticing.

the kids were super polite and fun and asked such classic questions like: 'how good is the money?' and 'how long will it take for me to be my own boss?'

it brought out the 'i wish i were a teacher' feeling in me.


Anonymous said...

I got to do this last year.

Middle school kids are hilarious. They were asking me if I designed the DC Shoes logo and what video games that they would have played that I made.

I'm not sure I got across exactly what it is that I do. But it was fun. Also the most nervous I've been in years. And it was hat day (the sweetest day of the year for a middle schooler) so they were all hyper.

Travelin'Oma said...

When I was in middle school, I knew I could be a nurse ( my lack of math skills ruled this out), a secretary, or a teacher. You could become a secretary without going to college, so every girl I knew at BYU was going to be a nurse or a teacher. Seriously. Girls majored in various subjects (history, English, home-ec, etc.,) planning to teach. Marriage was the only way out! How exciting for kids to know about different opportunities that await and all the ways their talents can be expressed and developed. I'm sure you and Pete made a difference today!

jamieanne said...

I second that opinion. I wish I would have known about all the cool things out there and really specialized and went for it while I was still young enough to be bold, make a fool of myself, and not even care.

I bet they loved you guys!

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