05 February 2007

i am 'fondue' you

saturday night :: my parents are the coolest. they hosted a february fondue night in honor of the aquarius birthdays in the family. dad threw together a trio of European cheeses for the entree (along with tiny veggies, kielbasa sausage, and french bread). dad, you outdid yourself again. we were completely raving while skating figure eights with our long forks into the sauce. supposedly the figure 8 dipping technique keeps the glorious goo consistent while bubbling in the pot.

later, mom melted a mix of chocolates for the dessert dipping. it was completely luscious & heavenly. never had better. when eating tiny forkfuls, you forget how much you have actually eaten, therefore everyone was well fed. perhaps the secret recipes could be unveiled right here, as a preview for dad's upcoming cookbook.. mom i'm dying to know.

the night had only just begun. my parents provided the food, while we prepared games. whoever created the best game won a prize - genius idea. all the games were highly entertaining. of course, jacque's rock/paper/scissors championship took the cake. jaws dropped once he brought out the white score board and passed around color-coded 'schedules' for each match. who knew that game could be so much fun & genuinely hilarious? it's something you really don't see everyday, your parents having a duel of r.p.s. (and for those of us who made it to the play-offs, lets just say, it got heated.) i can't decide what the best part of the night was... the fab fondue, the serious gamers, or the awesome company.

thanks for such a memorable evening.
i'm already looking forward to
rock/paper/scissors fondue night '08.
two words for all of you: bring it.


anna jo said...

RPSFN '08 -- I'm in!

this time I'll be practicing. . . opa, you're goin' down!

jamieanne said...

You're dad is writing a cookbook? I'm jealous!

Travelin'Oma said...

Chocolate Fondue
1 package semi-sweet choc chips
1 giant scoop chunky peanut butter
Melt and slowly add about 1/2 c. milk until it's the right consistency for dipping.

Dip bananas, apples, strawberries, fresh pineapple, angel food cake, grapes, clementines, etc.
Lay down on the floor and moan.

Anonymous said...

a rock, paper, scissors championship?? that is by far one of the most awesome party ideas i have ever heard, and i'm borrowing it next time i have hooligans over for shenanigans. :D

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