18 February 2007

words for whitney

01. sweet
02. forgiving
03. generous
04. caring
05. unique
06. friend {my very best}
07. loving
08. gracious
09. happy
10. hip
11. fun
12. strong
13. talented
14. intriguing
15. kind
16. outgoing
17. optimistic
18. gorgeous
19. genuine
20. funny
21. understanding
22. adventurous
23. thoughtful
24. charming
25. perfect

twenty-five synonyms for everything that you are.
happy birthday li'l whit.

"The best thing to hold onto in life is each other." - audrey hepburn


Travelin'Oma said...

I'm having very good "feelings" about Whit today!
I'll never forget listening to the Dixie Chicks for the first time in our kitchen on Whit's birthday. I bet nobody even remembers that, but it was a day of new awakening for me!! Happy memories of Whit and Marta!

ali said...

Happy Birthday Whitney! You guys have the cutest relationship--one the rest of us admire. I'm glad to see that you both cherish it.

(p.s. Who knew Audrey Hepburn said so many lovely things?)

jamieanne said...

Hap-hap-happy Day Miss Whitney! Wish I could be there to celebrate. Perhaps a girls night spent making cute collages and cupcakes? Sounds great! Hope you have a great day. xoxo.

whit said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes you guys. Mart..thanks for a birthday tribute..I'm blushing right now and am so very grateful that you are my favorite friend in the world. 25 years with you have been the best. Love you lots...and thank you thank you thank you.

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