14 March 2007

m. cookies 101

when i have cookie dough on hand, i feel like a better person.

i love to make chocolate chip cookies but sometimes get tired of my domestic diva-ness by the time it comes to pre-heating and rolling and baking and cooling and keeping. so usually i form the dough into logs and freeze them for another day of bitesized goodness. {homemade frozen cookie dough has been utilized in way more emergencies than the cans of tuna in our 72 hour kit.}

yesterday, i took a tip from Real Simple and rolled them into balls before freezing. this way, they are even more simple to bake while puffing into perfect round cookies. perfect round cookies make me really happy. plus, the ready-rolled dough is the perfect pop-able size for husbands to snatch.

tonight, i baked a few - you know, for the experiment's sake. they turned out sweet & soft, perky & plump. see for yourself.. i documented the whole process.

tips from my kitchen: 1.) keep your flour in a large container such as an empty Red Vines container. not at all glamorous, but extremely convenient for large scoops {if this storing method is good enough for miss culinary - Pam Anderson - it's good enough for me}! 2.) also stolen from Real Simple, keep a chopstick in said flour container at all times. it's a perfect tool for leveling off and stirring the flour - which they say is just as good as sifting it. 3.) i have posted my favorite Nestle Tollhouse cookie recipe right inside my cupboard door, above my kitchenaid.. no searching necessary. 4.) ever since working at Great Harvest, i wear an apron religiously. it really puts me in 'baker mode' which i love. 5.) i can no longer make the simple classic chocolate chip recipe, i always add a spoonful of peanut butter or pb chips, oatmeal and/or {my favorite} two cups of rice krispies. 6.) rather than filling a tall glass with milk, i am all about a ramekin of milk for dunking purposes.

love to hear what your tips are too..


Christie said...

The danger for me with pre-made balls of dough is that they're easier to just pop in my mouth. If I have to cut off a bit of the log, I am less inclined to sneak a taste. Cookie dough is my absolute favorite treat, hands down. YUM.

Amy said...

I leave the cookie baking tips up to my cookie baking masters, Heed and Min. I will just add my testimony of adding a little cereal, oatmeal and peanut butter chips to a chocolate chip cookie recipe. It really takes them above and beyond. Heed's tip of taking them out of the oven when they are still doughy is also good smarts. Let them "bake" on the pan on top of the oven for a few more minutes and then transfer them to a cooling rack. These cookies will never dry out, but always stay soft and perfect. . .just like me.

Jeff and Diana said...

marta thanks the cute comment on my blog! i check yours often. i think you have inspired me to bake. the last time i attempted was about 5 years ago when i a nanny in new york, tried about 3 times then gave up when they came out looking like puddles. maybe it's time to try again.

jamieanne said...

Hooray for baking! As the beneficiary of your cookies on more than one occassion, I can say they are definitely delightful.
Few hints, personal tips: 1) I believe that enough cannot be said about erring on the side of under versus over-baking. You have to catch them when they are just barely underdone, whisk them out of the oven straightaway and let them finish on their own. 2) When it comes to cookies, overmixing = airy, deflated results. My great aunts recipe (personal fav) still calls for me to throw on the rubber gloves and mix everything by hand. Makes all the difference in the world. But I love my mixer so much, I usually turn it on low and just barely mix.
BTW, I love the pic of the Red Vines container...reminds me of home. Pam would be so proud!

Travelin'Oma said...

Min, I want to live in your kitchen. It just wasn't this fun when you lived in mine!

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