15 March 2007

snapshot / lifeshot

a most interesting part of my job as a book designer is the archiving photos part. my dad, aka the historian, writes the text. he gathers ancient & precious items from attics & basements, diaries & photo albums. then he hands them over to me. i can hardly believe some of the artifacts i've been entrusted with. i scan them, store them, and then reproduce the image among the text in what i hope is an inventive book layout.

i look at the pictures and imagine who the person was, where his portrait was taken, where he lived, what he did in his spare time, what he believed in, who he voted for, how his life differs from mine, how his life is similar to mine..

photos, i believe, connect the dots between now and then.

this is why i love this website. old snapshots with the cream border and scalloped edges are my favorite. a bent corner grabs my heart.


Marty: said...

When the authors come to love the people like this, the history comes alive.

Chelsea said...

Love, love this! I looking at old photos and seeing how the fashions have circled around again.

ali said...

Wow. This is so cool. Photographs keep stories alive, and looking through these is like find a buried treasure. I really get that excited about old stuff, photos in particular.

Ladd, Annie, and Elle said...

Marta...It's Annie Barton (Egan now)I found your blog through a comment you left on Di's. Your blog, cards, pics, everything are so creative and amazing! I still remember painting pillowcases for your eleventh b-day party and being jealous of yours! Funny memories, take care!

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