11 June 2007

m. writes: a study of clouds

01. whipped meringue goodness
02. fluffy buttercream frosting folded in my whisk
03. billowy cotton stuffing from couch cushions
04. foamed & frothy latte skies
05. creamy cotton candy clouds
06. whirred & whispy white wonderland
07. angel foodcake batter upon a sky blue platter
08. spattering of stretched cottonball cobwebs
09. light fluffy pockets of pillow air
10. billows of ruffled lush tangled fabrics


Anonymous said...

a charming and excellent study if i do say so myself. i love that photo. will i ever tire of photos of clouds taken from up above? i don't think so. they always take my breath away. hope you're well! meg x

Unknown said...

i love your blog so much and this entry is extra cute! Ah-mazing!!! :D

-Estella Baker

Jake said...

see what riding in first class can do? if you were in coach next to a screaming kid and a drunk guy you would be only thinking of curse words!!!

Travelin'Oma said...

You ARE first class!

love.boxes said...

10 reasons I love this blog so much!

summer said...

I ran into this cloud study on your blog a while ago, and I had to come back to it & tell you that now, whenever I admire the cloudy skies, I think of this.
It pops into my head all the time! It's so cute & fun & I love it!

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