11 September 2007

september sounds like

m. mix of smooth jams
Popular Mechanics For Lovers : Beulah
I Turn My Camera On : Spoon
Goodnight And Go : Imogen Heap
I Will Follow You Into The Dark : Death Cab for Cutie
I'll See You Soon : Coldplay
Mr. Jones : Counting Crows {Across A Wire / Live In NYC version}
To Be Alone With You : Sufjan Stevens
Stay : Lisa Loeb
Mary Star Of The Sea : Jerry Joseph
Smile Like You Mean It : Tally Hall
1234 : Feist
New Slang : The Shins
On My Mind : Kalai
Trouble Me : 10,000 Maniacs
Perfect : Smashing pumpkins
Saeglópur : Sigur Rós
Last Goodbye : Jeff Buckley

{dan wanted in too. so we included a bonus cd.}
d. mix of loud jams
I'm A Loner Dottie, A Rebel : The Get Up Kids
Why You'd Want to Live Here : Death Cab for Cutie
Midnight Rider : The Allman Brothers Band
My Hero : Foo Fighters
Holly Holy : Neil Diamond
Such Great Heights : Postal Service
Why Did We Ever Meet? : Promise Ring
Down : Blink-182
Stars : Smoking Popes
Staple It Together : Jack Johnson
The Song Remains The Same : Led Zeppelin
Evil : Interpol
peace frog : The Doors
Paradise City : Guns N' Roses
Cacophony : Karate
Debra : Beck
Everthing Has Its Point : Rival Schools
Broke : Modest Mouse
The End's Not Near : Band Of Horses

thanks to shelly @ twenty-seven pencils for hosting a cd swap o' rama.


love.boxes said...

I'm such a music dork. The only one of these songs that is familiar to me is the Neil Diamond song.. sad.

Robin said...

I'm loving the music you sent! The CD swap was such a great idea.

Connie said...

great list. those are some nice tunes for the cooling weather... which always puts me in a more reflective mood

Shelly (Nicole) said...

got your cds yesterday and love them both!

Lane said...

oooh, so many of my favorites here, i can't wait to listen to the ones i don't know! Beulah is one of my favorite bands (local SF favorite) who goes in and out of activity so I like to see them getting play. Thanks for the picks, Marta!

ps. Loud jams. So Dan. Love it!

Kristen said...

check out:
sarah bareilles
colbie caillat
tristan prettyman
paulo nutini



Catherine said...

Thank you Marta and Dan, your cd's arrived today and I am anticipating a weekend of pumping the tunes. Yours is on the way so I hope it arrives very soon and that you enjoy.

Decorno said...

Hola, it's me... last time I posted, I gave you about 6 recommendations about photography websites you might like... based on this list, I was wondering if you have heard the song "Fake Empire" by The National? Oh, my, it's so mind-blowingly good... no one makes this kind of stadium-anthem-that-actual-sounds-personal anymore. Coldplay gets close.

Anyhoo, though you should download it. It's magic. You have to wait through the slow tempo start, and then there is this wonderful change where slow tempo action continues and then totally-different-tempo starts right over it, and then the percussion is this complex math for the remainder of the song, and then the horns start. Oh heavens. Just go listen already.

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