07 December 2007

no. 07

making my mark while putting penmanship on these wee envelopes for a delightful gal in australia. i love the addresses like moxbury road. {am picturing quaint little streets all the way across the world.} cannot help but say them aloud while i write them.. in my best australian accent.


judey said...

the word "wee" thought it was just a scottish/irish thing.
we'd be lost without the word "wee".

Erika of Sweet Pea Blog said...

Hi, I'm a new reader to your blog - found you through 'Studio Wellspring', all the way from Geneva, and just have to say - I'm inspired! Looking forward to reading through the rest of your blog + future posts.
Please drop by www.asweetpea.wordpress.com

cheeky said...

looks as if you are having yourself a wee, merry time.
i *heart* your penmanship marta.

Molly said...

love your penmanship. i wish mine was that unique and fabulous!

Marty said...

You're a wee, twee, bundle of glee.

{this is glamorous} said...

Your handwriting is wonderful!

Kris said...

Speaking as an Australian, I would love to hear your "best Australian accent"!

ambika said...

I think it's always addresses in England & Scotland that having me saying them out loud before I even realize I'm speaking. Not at all like the boring numerical and tree-related addresses here.

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