11 January 2008

and the diaries go to...

dan picked the winners for the garden giveaway using what he claims is a precise mathematical formula involving complex quadratic equations. but i'm a little dubious about that claim - math is not really his strong suit. in any event, the winners were picked at random all thanks to dan. thank you for your comments. they made my week! hoping you mum wallflowers will come out more often. am so happy to meet all the newbies.

and the winners are:
catherine of little glowing lights (she wants rosy gardens)
katie of oltremare (she also wants rosy gardens)
brooke, who doesn't provide access to a blog (wants polka dots)
and one more for good measure...
wendy of needless details (she wants bridesmaid's bouquet)

girls, please email your shipping addresses to marta@martacards.com.

happy weekend everyone and thanks again for being so awesome.
xo. marta


katie said...

oh yay!! thanks marta. my address is on the way.

{natalie} said...

suck. i wanted to win, but good thing i just went ahead and ordered one. it arrived today! thank you so much, it's so lovely.

amy said...

i love good measure. :)

visited your sister at the gab blog. what a lovely family you have marta.

Catherine said...

oh how exciting, I never win anything! I am looking forward to a lovely new diary for 2008. Thank you so much I will email you my details.

Abbey said...

got my books today...they are fantastic!


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