03 January 2008

forget me nots.

what i did on my holiday vacation.

rang in the new year with a cozy cabin full of friends and fondue, streamers and sparkly cider, fires and midnight sledding for the brave, charades and reminiscing for all. we awoke to bright layers of thick storybook snow, perfect for sledding and tromping and skidding and screaming and pure childhood happiness. it was relaxing to rely on conversation and puffy coats and four wheel drive. no tv, just guitar hero in the loft, ringing in o'eight in true weezer style. {thanks for everything girls.}

can't think of a better way to spend the first day of the brand new year than whizzing down a frosty hill, attempting to steer (without slamming into any bystanders) while i simultaneously hold on to the sled for dear life and dan, who is smiling out loud while flying over bumps. it was close, but we did not wipe out once. am hoping this is a metaphor for our adventurous days to come.


Robin said...

Your new year's eve and day sound wonderful.
You're lucky - I went sledding last weekend too, but I totally biffed it on one and embarassed myself in front of my date :). Oh well. Some New Year's humility.

jamieanne said...

Are you serious?!? How did you manage to avoid the wipeout? That may be a cabin first!

Thanks for making our cabin trip complete!

melissa deakin said...

gorgeous description of a fabulous new year.
i know it is indicative of the coming days!

ali said...

I'm so happy I got to do so many of these things with you.

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