08 February 2008

dear diary

i love the smell of: verbena lotion on the sale shelf at anthro.
i love the sound of: love mini mix. (songs to come.) i burned a cd for all my sistas a few years ago of their favorite love songs, including classics from their wedding eras. i still bust it out every february.
i love the taste of: cinnamon + sugar toast.
note to self: cut toast into hearts and serve on vday.
i love the sight of: sun so bright shining through sliding glass doors.
i love the feel of: anticipating a party with the fam. details + ideas to come.


Sarah said...

I'm with you on the sunshine, there's nothing like it...

ps. just wanted to thank you for making my day (on lots of occasions) there's a little award waiting for you over on my blog if you'd like it x

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

I still listen to your little love mix. It is just awesome!

KJ said...

with you on the verbena, the sunshine, a good romantic mix, cinnamon toast. Note to you: use a heart shaped cookie cutter to make a depression in the bread BEFORE you toast it (don't cut all the way through!) and you'll have a lovely heart in our toast when it pops out of the toaster. My mom actually had a toast-stamp that said i love you (with a heart) she used every V-day...wonder where that thing is...

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