09 February 2008

saturday party prep + other misc. items of worth

wake up to a gorgeous day.
kiss your cute hubby goodbye. tell him to be safe.
watch as he carries his ski pack out the door.
run back to bed for a few more winks.
get out of bed because you can't wait to start the day.
cut one grapefruit in half.
warm it in the microwave for 30 seconds.
sprinkle it with brown sugar.
eat it while making lists and talking on the phone.
plan to get together with whit for lunch.
and the annual swapping of vday gifts.
remember about jer's surprise party.
talk to pete about anna's birthday.
{happy happy miss anna jo.}
think he's sweet for making her pancakes.
start cleaning house.
prep food for sunday's party.
make frosting. set out sprinkles.
order 30 heart cookies from bakery.
make a few vday care packages.
run to post office. talk to gabi (in PA) while in line.
go to candy store.
buy 1/2 lb. pink gumballs
buy 1/2 lb. cotton candy jelly beans (pink)
buy 1 lb. conversation hearts
buy kisses, hugs, laffy taffy, and reese's hearts wrapped in gold.
come home. pour candy into cute red/pink bowls.
clean more house.
get self ready.
sneak some candy.
salads with whit.
presents, surprises, hugging, laughing, crying.
haircut for dan.
surprise party of a lifetime for jer.
five different soups for dinner.
fabulous girl talk with ali & jamie.
karaoke for all.


{natalie} said...

sounds awesome. where do you get the candies? i'm glad you had such a fun weekend.

ali said...

Yay for girl talk! I always have the best time chit-chatting with you. Although I must say that I cannot believe that ONE certain item of business did not come up....


amy said...

love that road photo. hooray for digital photography. such a blessing.

adesignaffair said...

adorable list. what a great way to document a day.

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