05 August 2008

to you, nim

happy happy birthday, miss amy.
i couldn't dream of a sweeter sister.
she is a romantic, a reader of the classics, the one with the curly hair (yes, it's natural!), has the ocean blue eyes, the three princess daughters, the artistic talents, awesome organizational skills, a mama who actually does the martha stewart type activities with her kids, has easy going hostess skills, an eye for home decor, a knack for graphic design and writes with the curly handwriting i've always loved. she taught me who mr. darcy was, how to tie dye a tee shirt, make chocolate pudding from scratch, wear a fancy scarf in my belt loops, how to be friendly to everyone and the magic in an impressionist exhibit. love you, nimmy.

if i could, i would send you
four flavored pieces of cake
on each of these darling plates.


Savvy Mode SG said...

cute plates. so perfect for b-day and celebrations.

TravelinOma said...

What a darling picture! I hear she looks just like her mom...

nimmy & girlies said...

Thanks Min! You are so sweet (sweeter than any cake I can eat)! I really like that picture. Can you send me some more of that day along with that one?

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